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LearnZillion is the one-stop digital learning platform that effectively helps students and teachers utilise technology and communication. It bridges the gap with its real-time assessments and develops core standards of curriculum learning for students and teachers fostering their learning. Its interactive medium engages them while promoting their socio-emotional learning, unlike many other platform courses. Request LEARNZILLION Pricing to get more information.


Too often, districts are forced to choose between curricular excellence and a good digital platform. Teachers, students and the whole district population benefit from superior curricula and ease of implementation by collaborating with LearnZillion.

Integration and availability of LearnZillion's LMS and SIS across all major platforms mean that teachers get what they need, wherever and wherever they need, bringing IT and usability issues into the past.

LearnZillion Features

Superior Technology with an advanced curriculum that with a simple design makes learning powerful

  • Seamless Integration of Technology and Educational Modules

    • Digital learning platform with LMS and SIS integration and functionality that makes access to information easier 
    • Simple design but customer-specific promoting the easy implementation

  • Customisable to educational institutions initiatives

    • Understands the creative learning across various districts might approach every subject differently thereby caters to it accordingly building great strategies for them

  • Real-time reporting fosters student learning space

    • Various assessments that combine real-time data and help teachers track their student growth and answer their queries and clear any pending concepts 

  • Versatile course development with affordable workbooks 

    • Courses are crafted with care and patience that promotes socio-emotional learning among diverse learner

LearnZillion Pricing

The LearnZillion pricing plan depends on the needs and requirements of users and school. For teachers with 1+ students, they can sign up for free. However, schools and districts with 100+ students, pay an annual fee of $5000 as per the LearnZillion pricing and the numbers increase for institutions with 3000+ students. 

LearnZillion Demo

For accessing this digital learning app, you can sign up for free as an individual user without having to worry about LearnZillion pricing. However, schools and districts can tap and request for a demo on their website and sign according to their requirements.


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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Interactive and Versatile”

The teachers and students can continuously keep in touch and it has helped develop the core standards of many slow-paced learners. Definitely, I would recommend the platform for others.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 07, 2020

“Learning is fun”

Students not only enjoy learning, but tracking of their growth has helped me reach out to them more and boosted their productivity and skills in so many ways, thus bringing a fresh surge of confidence in them.
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