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Pear Deck USP is the involvement of formative assessments. At the end of each topic, teachers can add assessments in the form of multiple-choice, textual questions or questions to be answered in geometrical, graphical forms etc. the teachers can access the accuracy of their slide with the help of the response of students. Request PEAR DECK Pricing to get more information.


Pear Deck is a slide presentation tool to create interactive slideshows for students. It is used to actively engage the students and assess them accordingly. The presentations can be made from Google Slides by logging in to the Google Drive account. Teachers can share the unique access codes of their slides to enable access to students.

Pear Deck Features

Pear Deck has very distinguishing features from other slide preparation software.

  • Attractive slideshow presentations

    • Various GIFs, videos and animations can be added to the slides.
    • Attractive templates can be used to design the slides.

  • Teacher dashboard to monitor the student understanding

    • Teachers can view what students understood at the end of each slide with a small activity.
    • Teachers will know which slide is to be repeated.

  • Maintaining anonymity

    • The answers of the students are recorded anonymously.
    • Children can answer the questions with a free mind, without any reluctance.

  • Engaging students in the presentations

    • Teachers can incorporate a small activity at the end of each slide to generate interest in the students.
    • Drop-in formative assessments can also be added.

Pear Deck Pricing

Pear Deck pricing plan includes three pricing models. The basic plan is free of cost and covers interactive teaching slides and templates. The premium plan in the Pear Deck pricing model costs $149.99 per year and offers access to the teacher dashboard. There are customised plans for schools and districts to provide access to every student and teacher.

Pear Deck Demo

Without worrying about Pera Deck pricing, users can schedule free webinar demos which enable them to learn more about the software. They have to register according to the type and features of Pear Deck they want to learn about. The demo webinars are conducted on fixed days for 45 minutes to 2 hours.


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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Pear Deck for the math classroom”

I like the ability to lock down the browser so students can''t surf around on their computer. I also like the solution and features that allow all students to submit answers to the same question.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Pear Deck is a worthy competitor”

This tool has had a makeover in recent weeks and is working hard to keep up with the many competitor software in the interactive slideshow realm - being directly connected to your Google Drive account is a plus.
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