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Freckle USP

The USP of this software is that it is the most loved and used platform because of its feature of differentiation. Freckle digital learning platforms help to get access for both students and teachers to consider the information or the concepts as per the standard of the student who needs to be taught. 

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Freckle is a software which offers a platform to teachers to reach out to their students with the standard skills and the concepts they need to learn. It brings a differentiation which makes access to study material easier in accordance to what students need.  Freckle digital learning platforms caters to the teaching of the main subjects like Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science by making it smooth. 

Freckle Pricing:

Freckle is available for free to the teachers but an upgraded version has a Freckle pricing structure that is not released by the company. But, the Freckle Pricing is quite reasonable. You can connect with vendor support to match any specific requirements.

Freckle Demo:

The access to the demo of this software can be requested from the company by contacting them through the contact information available on the website. The Freckle Pricing structure could also be accessed by contacting the company.

Freckle Features:

Some of the features of Freckle digital learning platforms which add on to its value are as follows:

  • Students & teacher-friendly 
    • Allows the teachers to teach through this platform various concepts related to different standards
    • Provides students the benefit of accessing those concepts easily and in a way that they can understand 
  • Helps teachers to keep a check on students 
    • Allows teachers to guide the students through the concepts they need to learn
    • Allows Teachers to keep a check on the progress of the Reports which can be accessed by the teacher using this software 
  • User-friendly software 
    • Provides the benefit of accessing the study material on the concept they need
    • Provides teachers with easy to use applications and understandable reports to supervise the progress of the student
  • Helps teachers assist the students in their growth process
    • Provides the teachers a feature to understand the growth of the student and to identify the weak points of the student 
    • Equips the teachers with the tools and the required resources to correct the mistakes and guide the student towards growth 


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Freckle Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Easy to use”

Makes the teaching and learning process much easier.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 07, 2020

“Provides Relevant information”

A student is allowed to get the information on the concept he/she needs.
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