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Bluelock offers an extensive portfolio of DR services, bundled in Bluelock's Recovery Suite, including IaaS (active/active), DRaaS Run (active/passive), DRaaS Run (active/passive with scale out), DRaaS Run (always-on recovery), DRaaS Ready (real-time replication), and DRaaS Restore (backup-based replication). Bluelock's Recovery Suite is an integrated solution for DR, replication, and data storage for SMEs. Request INTERVISION Pricing to get more information.


Bluelock IaaS leverages an active/active infrastructure, which balances the traffic load between two identical sites. In the occurrence of a service disruption to either of the sites, the other site can handle the full traffic, if needed. Bluelock DRaaS Run is a DR service for the easy and immediate recovery of IT systems and applications in a high-quality production environment. Bluelock DRaaS Ready is a holistic approach for testing and recovering complex IT environments in a simplified and effective manner. It offers real-time replication for complex IT systems, delivered through its Recovery Assurance Program. Bluelock Recovery Assurance Program is an exclusive and advanced process, which tailors the right technology and service to the customer's specific business needs, secures their critical data to mitigate threats, and provides worldclass support for their business growth.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +8 Case Study
  • +5 Conferences
  • +6 Proof of Concept
  • +14 Social Media
  • +7 Whitepaper/Blog
  • +10 Merge Replication
  • +11 Snapshot Replication
  • +9 Transactional Replication
  • +14 Backup Basis
  • +5 Multiple Recovery Points
  • +13 Real-time Basis
  • +11 Automated Recovery
  • +8 Data Migration
  • +10 DR Testing
  • +9 Interactive Dashboards
  • +12 Monitoring and Alerting
  • +6 Compliance Management
  • +9 Directory Management
  • +14 Enterprise Content Assessment
  • +7 Retrieval Analytics
  • -12 Expensive
  • -11 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • -5 Managed Services
  • -14 Pricing
  • -10 Services offered
  • -11 Research and Development
  • -9 Other Support Activiies
  • -12 Specify Others
  • -6 Self-Service Portal
  • -7 Other Features
  • -13 Other
  • -5 Archival Planning and Data Migration
  • -10 Others please specify
  • -12 Other Services
  • -6 Education & Training
  • -5 Network Assessment
  • -8 Others, please specify
  • -14 Incident Management and Reporting
  • -12 Integration with RADIUS Server and Provisioning Framework
  • -13 Other Security Features
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INTERVISION presence in Disaster Recovery as a Service

Bluelock partnered with ServiceNow, an enterprise cloud company, to integrate its service management processes with ServiceNow, for effective and streamlined attention to clients. Enterprises authenticate their ServiceNow login with a single click through Bluelock’s portfolio, where they can also choose to declare a disaster instantly. In July 2016, Bluelock partnered with VMS BioMarketing, a healthcare education company, to provide cloud hosting, recovery, and data availability services. This enabled VMS BioMarketing to focus on business innovation, while increasing the privacy, security, and availability of its data. In February 2016, eGov Strategies, a provider of SaaS for payment processing, chose Bluelock to host and protect its platform. Bluelock delivered resiliency and confidence to eGov's customers and made its data secure and always available. Bluelock offered scalability for implementing and expanding eGov's customers and the ability to maintain superior security, and provided assurance for high availability of software. In October 2015, Bluelock announced Bluelock Recovery Assurance for VCC. The Recovery Assurance provided a fully integrated, fast, and secure way to protect and recover critical applications and data. This enables enterprises to protect their revenue streams using DRaaS, which delivers service resiliency with the same level of security as a production data center, but without the cost and complexity of managing a DR site.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Data isolation and security
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Backup and recovery
  3. Product Features and Functionality / Enterprise data archiving
  4. Product Features and Functionality / Replication features
  5. Product Features and Functionality / Replication functionality
  6. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Replication
  7. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Enterprise Data Archiving
  8. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Backup and Recovery
  9. Pre-integrated Disaster Recovery services / Data Isolation and Security
  10. Support services / Business Consulting Services
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