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CintaNotes USP

The users can include the URL of the website from where they are taking the content. This will save the URL as a hyperlink so that users can go to that website when they need it. Typing and calculation are smooth and seamless. The data can also be managed and retrieved quite quickly. CintaNotes Document Management Software is way better than traditional note-taking software and is slowly creating a reputation of its own. Request CintaNotes Pricing to get more information.


CintaNotes Document Management Software is a note-taking application for all the employees who work with the Windows operating system. There are many problems with the standard note-taking application. With features like auto-saving, better searching, organization, and live sync with cloud storage. It makes the retrieval of notes easy and quick too. Employees can always stay up to date.

CintaNotes Pricing

There is a free version of this software that is available for the users, and then there is a one time paid membership open for 39 USD. The users can use the software for as long as they want and on all their devices. This makes the software affordable for them. Many features are not available in the free version as per CintaNotes Pricing plans. For the best CintaNotes pricing plans, contact the vendor.

CintaNotes Demo

Users can refer to the company website for a demo.


Easy To Use

  • It has more features than normal notepads but is as simple as them
  • Can be used by beginners too

Online Sync

  • It can be synced with online cloud storage services
  • Can be used on any device

Easy Retrieval

  • There are many sophisticated methods of searching available
  • A note can be found through title, URL or some words included in it

Quick boot from shortcuts

  • Using Ctrl + F12, it can be opened instantly
  • It does not take time while starting.


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CintaNotes Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Not a basic note-taking application”

ClintaNotes is not the note-taking software that we have been using all the time. The data is saved automatically and also managed appropriately.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

Apr 27, 2020

“Online sync and sophisticated searching”

This notepad allows online sync of data so that employees can use it on any device. Searching a not file is also easy and has many advanced filtered options. CintaNotes Pricing is cost-efficient.
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