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MadCap Software
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MadCap Software USP

MadCap Software’s biggest USP is its flexibility and customization. It can be tailored to suit your business requirements and project needs. It also provides a range of features for multiple processes and business needs. Furthermore, it helps manage workflows better by cutting costs and automating redundant functions. Request MadCap Software Pricing to get more information.


MadCap Software is a communication and technical content development software, aimed at better optimizing content development and learning and knowledge projects. It also helps reduce content delivery costs and make the whole process much more flexible. Moreover, it is suited for a range of business sizes and is very in-tune with business growth needs, and can be scaled accordingly. 

MadCap Software Pricing

MadCap Software pricing plans start at approximately $499 per year per user. This includes all the essential document management features. MadCap Software pricing Plans are incredibly flexible and can easily be customized to include a variety of additional features at a minimal cost. This depends entirely on business requirements and project needs. 

MadCap Software Demo

This software has a free trial after which the MadCap Software pricing plans come into action. A demo request can also be made directly to the company to understand individual features better and decide which plan is best suited for your business requirements. Extensive support is provided for the users who need it, and can be availed online, in-person, and through documentation.


Very Responsive 
  • Its web-based system is extremely responsive and in tune with business requirements and growth. 
  • The software can be scaled up or down, as per business output, and is also quick to detect errors. 

Document Creation

  • The software can be used to create a number of different documentation such as policies, product specifications, project instructions, and more. 
  • It also provides several templates for the easy designing and customization of documents. 

Easy Content Publishing 

  • It enables effortless content publishing and content management through several sources. 
  • This will help businesses cut costs and save a lot of time.

Available in Various Formats

  • It can be deployed both on desktops, as well as on mobile devices.
  • It also uses artificial intelligence and chatbots for better communication and client engagement.


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MadCap Software
77 Buyers Negotiating
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MadCap Software Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Great packages for a great product!”

MadCap Software pricing plans are very reasonable and can be customised for your needs!
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Amazing features and details”

MadCap Software provides amazing features and very in-depth details for all my document management needs.
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