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Airlift USP

The basic motto of Airlift is easy and simple shipping of the user with fulfillment services offered. One of the biggest USP of the software is that due to its amazing features, it is being used now by a good number of known brands across the globe. 

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Airlift is an e-commerce software that offers support to the business owners in the services of fulfillment and logistics. The experts working behind the software offers the service of storing products offering fulfillment facilities. The overall aim of the software is to offer an overall service so that the business owners can completely focus on other activities of the business. 

Airlift Features

  • Easy to start
  • Get registered with the software easily with simple steps and can start utilizing the services of the software
  • Access to the site to get a detailed explanation of the features and the way how it works to get the work done smoothly

  • Simple and convenient
  • Store the inventory items with the help of the system in safe custody so that no harm is done to the items
  • Make a sale of the items and the software is going to help in packing the items and shipping it along to the customers

  • Sync Inventory
  • Sync inventory details easily on the software so that all the insights and data can be visible in real-time
  • Integrate different storefronts that are already available at the software such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and many others

  • Transparency and easy visibility
  • Allow the customers to visualize all the products on the list and also shipping details to offer proper service
  • Track and schedule pickup options for restocking inventory on time 

Airlift Pricing

Airlift pricing is simple so that the business firms can easily grow higher. Business owners can choose from different plans such as:

  1. Pilot (up to 500 orders) - $4.25 per month
  2. Captain(up to 5000 orders) - $3.55 per month + $10 per pick up
  3. Admiral (up to 50,000 orders) - $1.95 per month 

Airlift Demo

The software offers the option of ‘Get Started’, clicking on which the user can get an experience of the services before buying a plan. Apart from this, the user can also click on the option of ‘Schedule a Demo’ to see a demo of the working of the software. 


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Airlift Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020


The software offers transparency not just for the users but also for the customers who are shopping from the user’s site.
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Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 04, 2020

“Convenient Shipping service”

Airlift is known for its simple to use features that help in syncing inventory details and performing shipping tasks. Pricing on subscriptions is available.
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