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Orderhive Drop Shipping Software
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Orderhive Drop Shipping Software USP

The software Orderhive offers smart functions to the users through its amazing features and services. Features such as automation system, different available software options, integration of different tools, and the option of getting analytics and reporting in the right way help the users in a huge way. 

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Orderhive offers the option of syncing information of different entities such as warehouses, suppliers, and others together to offer a seamless experience of dropshipping. The software is equipped with various features such as a rich experience of inventory management and an experience of Zero inventory. It offers a lot of flexibility to the user with features such as selecting suppliers and automated dropshipping services. 

Orderhive Features

  • Automation and Inventory Management
  • Feed data, and the software will come up with shipping, order fulfillment, and other services automatically
  • Manage your inventory in the best way through personalized in-charge of inventory and tracking of the products in real-time

  • Software Options
  • Make use of the shipping and order management software to keep track of orders and shipping 
  • Use purchase management and warehouse management software to optimize and manage things smoothly

  • Integration
  • Reach out to multi-channel sales through multiple integrations from a single location 
  • Access to multi-channel sales with the help of inventory system in the software that is scalable

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • View how reporting and analytics work that smoothens up the inventory to move through sales, and others
  • Glance through the insights into different options such as purchase, inventory audits, and many others

Orderhive Pricing

Users can try out a free version of the software before buying the plans. Orderhive pricing depends upon the plans that are selected such as:

  1. Lite - $44.99 per month
  2. Starter - $134.99 per month
  3. Growth - $269.99 per month

For the enterprise plan, the users have to talk to the support team to get customized Orderhive pricing

Orderhive Demo

The official website of the software offers a free trial to the users for the first few days. The website offers a detailed description of the features and the services of the software. Taking this free trial can also offer a good introduction to the software.


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Orderhive Drop Shipping Software
82 Buyers Negotiating
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Orderhive Drop Shipping Software Reviews


Buyer, Transportation and Logistics, SME

May 04, 2020

“Analytics at best”

The software offers reporting in a number of ways by tracking data and visualizing details in real-time and reporting out of them.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Software Integration”

The software allows users to integrate into a number of tools that can be helpful in a number of ways.
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