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2Checkout ecommerce platform

2Checkout ecommerce platform USP

The USP for 2Checkout is its presence and availability around the globe. It has reliable service with 24x7 customer support. Users can pay using their local currency with multiple payment options. Instantaneous reports are generated to get an idea of the sales. Request 2Checkout ecommerce platform Pricing to get more information.


2Checkout is also known as 2CO which is an electronic payment service just like PayPal allowing businesses to quickly expand between the merchants and the customers. With 2CO merchants can accept online credit card payment from the customers around the globe irrespective of their location. It is a kind of all-in-one monetization platform expanding internationally.

2Checkout Pricing

2Checkout pricing has three pricing rates based on the successful transactions made. No monthly plans or setup fees are charged. Here are the pricing segments for 2Checkout pricing:

  • 2Checkout Pricing 2Sell – 3.5% + 30¢ per successful sale
  • 2Checkout Pricing 2Subscribe – 4.5% + 40¢ per successful sale
  • 2Checkout Pricing 2Monetize – 6.0% + 50¢ per successful sale

2Checkout Demo

It does not provide any demo for its versions with the software or on the websites. Any of the pricing segments need to be selected as mentioned above in order to avail the facilities of the company.

2Checkout Features

Digital Commerce

  • In platform optimization tools with 120+ cart integrations which helps in saving time and cost
  • Interface is simple and well designed with multiple payment methods

Reporting and Analytics

  • Get instant insights into the sales and trends with the help of pre-configured and customizable reports
  • Subscription-related reporting is available

Professional Support team

  • Customers can pay in their local currency with multiple payment options. 
  • Efficient and helpful customer support available 24x7 for international shopper support

Partner Sales and Global Presence

  • Coverage in 200 countries with 50,000 + affiliates to work with
  • Channel management platform with 45+ payment methods and 100+ currencies
  • +6
  • +8
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +9
    Technical Support
  • +14
    Mac OS
  • +13
  • +6
    Promotions and Discounts
  • +9
  • +13
    Storefront Design Tools
  • +14
    Checkout Process
  • +11
    Configured Products
  • +11
    Cross-Channel Fulfillment
  • +10
  • +9
    Data Visualization
  • +12
    ERP Integration
  • +13
    Intangible Products
  • +7
    Payment Processing
  • +12
    Product Search and Filtering
  • +5
    Shipping Options
  • +13
    Social Media Integration
  • +14

2Checkout ecommerce platform Reviews


Buyer Insurance

Apr 24, 2020

“Safety & Protection”

2Checkout is highly secure and protected from online cyber attacks as it has PCI Compliance, and also has a three-tier defense strategy for detecting frauds in real-time.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“No monthly or setup fees”

2Checkout is a genuinely nice option to get started with. There are no hidden fees like recurring bills or fraud protection.
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