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Ecomchain USP

Ecomchain ecommerce platforms is an eCommerce network located in the Central Cloud, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has an exclusive proposition is the B2B2C platform, a new frontier for suppliers, distribution companies/dealers and ultimate users with specific market verticals. With Ecomchain, a supplier on the Ecomchain ecommerce platforms will reach out with a group of retailers and distributors. In the same Ecomchain website operated by the manufacturer, this network of dealers and retailers will, in turn, meet their end customers from their labelled targeted pages.

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Rather than reconstructing business processes, Ecomchain ecommerce platforms uses the existing ERP deployment and business operations. We utilize your latest investment in Oracle, SAP, JDE and Microsoft Dynamics to create a vibrant, interface-rich and market-leading online shop.

Ecomchain Pricing

Ecomchain Pricing plans have not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best Ecomchain pricing plans, contact the vendor. Ecomchain pricing plans are based on business requirements and what a user wants to experience. Ecomchain pricing plans are competitive.

Ecomchain Demo

Ecomchain ecommerce platforms provides the application with unique video demo which can be accessed from the client website. The demo will help the customers to understand about the platform and have a hands-on experience on the features and functionality. It also offers a free trial.


Artificial Intelligence: Having insights into a customer's purchasing habits and their identity can be used to maintain the customer and forecast each customer's potential revenues. The last order by a consumer, the total number of sales and the total amount of money invested, collected by the machine-learning engine of Ecomchain e-commerce platform, help to identify each one, providing platforms. Data science algorithms have grown to new heights that a company pays billions of dollars annually to suggest products based on their search background and previous order. AI systems optimize customer relationships and increase the rate of conversion. The vendor sets up answers to various observable queries, which Chatbot uses to chat with online customers. Ensure that the products on the site are available on all sorts of devices by implementing Omni-Channel customizations.

B2B2C Model: With multi-dimensional multi-cloud apps, companies, retailers, and resellers are able to build pages for end customers. It benefits in a smoother procurement cycle with each company being able to monitor the total product delivered at all rates of the supply chain and a view to the revenue.

Marketplace: Ecomchain ecommerce Platform provides an interactive dashboard interface where an operator can connect goods, display segments, monitor deliveries and purchases, and even set a supplier charge depending on a supplier select schedule. Alternatively, if the supplier is involved in an income-share agreement, the platform owner will receive a per-sale fee from the supplier. A supplier can upload the products which the storeowner approves and notifies the supplier in an email. Brand certification can be automatic, or the manual confirmation process can be turned on to verify the uploads by the supplier.

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