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Weebly USP

Weebly ecommerce platforms helps consumers to pick a customized style web shop with a personalized template to display the items. The simple drag and drop creator, which is easy to use, lets easily, open the online business. This optimizes SEO's domain to make search engines figure more about the domain. The analyses tools help monitor the success of users at the web. Plus, the customer with collaborators from the app centre will further improve the store.

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Weebly ecommerce platform takes user through all of the measures to help them trustfully open the online business. The organization offers assistance for website creation through email and speak, which includes step-by-step instructions. To communicate with consumers Weebly e-commerce platform offers personalized email models, such as an abandoned cart or welcome text.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly pricing plans are divided into two categories: Weebly pricing for Websites and Weebly pricing for Online Stores. All the pricing plans provide a different set of features according to the business requirements from the user. Some of the plans are as follows:

For Websites

  1. Free - $0
  2. Connect - $5 per month paid annually
  3. Pro - $12 per month paid annually
  4. Business - $25 per month paid annually

For Online Stores

  1. Pro - $12 per month paid annually
  2. Business -$25 per month paid annually
  3. Business Plus - $38 per month paid annually

Weebly ecommerce platforms Demo

Weebly ecommerce platforms demo is directly not available on the website. Users can send a message requesting a demo from the company website itself with their custom requirements. Weebly will revert back with a scheduled demo which will explain all its features.

Weebly e-commerce platform Features

Loaded Shopping Cart - Provide customers straight from the eCommerce platform with the ease of a completely integrated shopping cart and a safe purchasing interface. When users build the online store, Weebly's shopping cart program is set up eventually and the user can start selling online instantly, without any technical expertise required.

Inventory Tracking - Manage a couple of items or millions. Monitor the inventory to monitor the stock, notify consumers how many products are available to generate excitement and improve purchasing activity, and alert shoppers immediately when things are sold out if they want to order from the eCommerce page.

Interactive Product Search - Offer a simpler route for shoppers to discover out anything they want. Describe the main items and let the findings filter the consumers by attributes such as size, colour, etc. Filtered item search lets customers optimize visibility through the whole portfolio and generate additional incentives for buying.

Strong eCommerce Website Creator - Having the eCommerce website running smoothly is as easy as picking a design style, inserting the items, setting up delivery and taxes, and picking the favourite form of accepting payments. This software builds a website automatically to configure as much or as little as a user would like, including the complete CSS / HTML control and editing function.

Public e-commerce Hosting - Secure, world-class, flexible and elastic cloud infrastructure ensures the online store is still accessible. Developers manage all the information every time, no matter how often visitors users get, to maintain the e-commerce site opens fast.

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  • +10
  • +8
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +9
    Technical Support
  • +14
    Mac OS
  • +13
  • +14
    Product Visualization
  • +6
    Promotions and Discounts
  • +13
    Storefront Design Tools
  • +14
    Checkout Process
  • +11
    Configured Products
  • +10
  • +9
    Data Visualization
  • +12
    ERP Integration
  • +7
    Payment Processing
  • +12
    Product Search and Filtering
  • +9
    Returns and Refunds
  • +5
    Shipping Options
  • +14
  • +12

Weebly Reviews


Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

Mar 03, 2021

“Easiest web builder I have used”

The Square platform varies in its uncomplicatedness as compared to the other platforms and has been created for users who do not want to spend time designing a website or merely have no knowledge to create a page from scratch. The whole platform offers a huge functional unit that emphases on drag and drop essentials to place them where you want.
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James Smith

Jan 13, 2021

“Best for beginners as well as advanced”

Square is easy to set up a page. I started using as a basic free site 5 years ago. Now I have advanced to having a membership site. My customers can now access distinctive pages with a password. Users can easily modify what they want to include.
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