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Tray USP

Tray eCommerce platforms offers numerous integrations to create a virtual store fully integrated with the Free Market, being able to manage inventory, multiple nicknames, freight, qualifications and more. Using Twig, Tray focuses its development on the store design. This platform provides multiple resources to help businesses increase their sales and online presence, and manage their business in a professional manner.

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Tray eCommerce platform provides a complete solution for its clients to create an online store and sell their products on the internet in the most effective way. Tray takes care of the infrastructure and helps businesses to grow more and more. This platform provides an intuitive and adaptable online store platform so that the client has a complete view of their business. It is fully responsive on a computer, tablet or cell phone. Tray offers advertisements of products to hundreds of millions of visits per month.

Tray Pricing

Based on the business requirements, Tray pricing can cost from R$49 per user to R$749 per user, per month. Detailed Tray pricing segments are given below:

  • Start- R$40/user/month
  • Light- R$99/user/month
  • Basic- R$159/user/month
  • Plus- R$209/user/month
  • Pro - R$499/user/month
  • Exclusive - R$749/user/month

Tray Demo

Tray eCommerce platform provides free access to a demo on the website upon request.


System Integrations
  • Provides system integrations for payment methods, risk managers, price comparators, and marketplaces ensuring the smooth operation of the concerned business
  • Streamlines processes to reduce costs and ensure operational efficiency
Easy Checkout
  • Operates with a one-step checkout payment system to easy the transaction
  • Facilitates in-store navigation of customers by unifying multiple pages on one
Performance Management
  • Use APIs in the REST standard to monitor business performance and enables easy access to customers, products, and orders from the online store
  • Offers multiple customized themes to maintain flexibility and productivity in front-end management
  • Also, offers freedom and autonomy to developers specialized in the creation, customization, and development of virtual stores. 


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Tray Reviews


James Smith

Apr 16, 2020

“Smart Import and Synchronization”

This platform comes loaded with smart solutions for import and synchronization. The data from online stores can be used and products can be imported efficiently, making this the most agile e-commerce platform. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

Apr 16, 2020

“Efficient Sales Management”

The pricing model is also quite convenient. Tray offers an efficient sales management even while working with ads on different channels and marketplaces. Precise, reliable, secure and efficient are all the luxuries users can get from this platform.
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