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VTEX ecommerce platforms is the first multi-tenant enterprise application to unify consumer service throughout all platforms into a holistic market solution. Through a cloud network auto-scaling and a versatile range of resources, the architecture accelerates the transition of dynamic processes into commerce.

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VTEX eCommerce platform enables improved revenue and decreased overhead through uniting with clients, vendors and even rivals to minimize channel friction and support consumers efficiently. The first and only system with completely optimized trading, exchange, and order processing that offers the shortest turnover period with no updates.

VTEX Pricing

VTEX Pricing plans have not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best VTEX pricing plans, contact the vendor. VTEX pricing plans are based on business requirements and what a user wants to experience. The VTEX pricing plans are competitive.

VTEX e-commerce platform Demo

VTEX ecommerce platforms demo is directly not available on the website. Users can send a message requesting a demo from the company website itself with their custom requirements. VTEX will revert back with a scheduled demo which will explain all its features.

VTEX e-commerce platform Features

Boost e-commerce sales

  1. Offer consumers the self-service resources they need to trustfully make buying choices and encourage repeat purchases for longer.
  2. Give the consumers the customized buying opportunities they like to improve sales and hold them returning again.
  3. Offer the resources they need to connect with consumers by becoming their trusted adviser to market vendors, client support staff and shop partners.

Marketplace Exploration

  1. Help the vendors, distribution associates and even rivals in building a platform and delivering a one-stop-shop with anything the consumers want.
  2. To meet new buyers and co-sell the goods and utilities interact with vendors around the VTEX e-commerce platform ecosystem.
  3. Through syndicating goods and services to 3rd party’s platform providers such as eBay, Alibaba and others, extend the consumer presence.

Easy Order Management

  1. Offer customers the ability to plan and execute their own purchases and methods of meeting product and distribution preferences with full visibility.
  2. Manage orders with all the platforms and achieve product exposure everywhere they live-shops, distributors, distribution centres and suppliers.
  3. Develop omnichannel consumer services on a single order by delivering collection locations, ship from the shop, planned delivery and even several shipping choices.
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