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DISCO is a cloud-based end-to-end eDiscovery solution provider for law firms, regulators, and government agencies. It is dedicated to giving legal professionals full control over eDiscovery data, workflows and cost. With cutting edge technology, DISCO eDiscovery manages to provide fast and accurate results to its users in an easy to use manner at a cost-effective price. 

DISCO Pricing:

DISCO’s pricing is not disclosed in public or any website and it is available on request by filling in the credentials in the official website of DISCO. It has transparent pricing and is based on per gigabyte structure. DISCO's Pricing is an all-inclusive plan and offers all the functionalities in its fixed-rate subscription price. It bestows its user with affordable pricing.

DISCO eDiscovery Demo:

DISCO offers a personalized one to one demo for free. To help new users explore full features of the software, DISCO eDiscovery provides a free demo on request, which can be scheduled from its website. 

DISCO eDiscovery Features:

→ Simplified and easy to use

  • Simplified and intuitive user-interface and perform most functions within two clicks 
  • Gives control over the data with tailor-made workflows and views

→ Fast and accurate results

  • Fast and accurate performance for search results and document viewing 
  • Automatically reorganizes itself according to data volume and number of users, thus ensuring speed

→ Professional services

  • Provide fully managed and project-based services to help clients with search and investigative needs
  • Assign a project manager for the case duration to collaborate and help resolve issues quickly

→ Trusted security and data accessibility

  • Use native-cloud technology to keep the data secure and accessible
  • Use encryption to ensure privacy and back up data at multiple secure locations

→ Transparent Pricing

  • Flat rate pricing model allows for predictability and budget management
  • All-inclusive pricing structure and does not charge an additional price for user license


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DISCO Reviews


Buyer, UK Mid Market Company

May 04, 2023
Product 1- eDiscovery offering by Disco Corporation er 1 I recently worked with Disco Corporations eDiscovery offering, and I couldnt be more pleased! With a comprehensive product vision in place, the Disco team was able to tailor their product to my specific needs, while balancing features with ease of use. The product worked seamlessly across all of the systems I needed to use it, and even allowed for efficient integration of supporting applications. The cost of the product was reasonable and value-oriented, and their advanced use of next generation technology was readily apparent. While the company is relatively new and still maturing, their innovative approach and reliable customer service are a testament to their commitment to excellence. Overall I am completely satisfied with the product, and am happy to recommend it for similar use cases. The Disco eDiscovery offering definitely delivers value for money and I give it a rating of 8 out of 1
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Buyer, UK SME Company

Feb 05, 2023
Reviewer 2 Having recently worked with Disco Corporations eDiscovery offering, I can say that the results have exceeded my expectations. The product vision of the Disco team was apparent in the product features, and they did an excellent job at balancing these features with user friendliness. Interoperability and integration were easy, and the company is quite stable despite being relatively new in the market. I was particularly captivated by their futuristic use cases, and their incorporation of next generation technologies proved to me how committed they are to being on the forefront of innovation. Not to mention the customer service was great, always available when I had any questions. All in all, Im happy to say Im completely satisfied with the Disco eDiscovery offering, and I give it a rating of 9 out of 10 for its value for money. er 3 I recently had the pleasure of trying the eDiscovery offering from Disco Corporation, and I have to say Im extremely impressed! The product vision was well thought out and streamlined, and the product features were intelligent and invaluable to my workflow. Integration was a breeze, and I could quickly have the product up and running with interoperability across my systems. I was particularly captivated by the companys drive for innovation, having incorporated the use of next generation technology in their product. All the while, their customer service was responsive and helpful, always available. In terms of cost, the Disco eDiscovery offering is quite competitive in the market and continues to be so, especially when considering its features and the fact that they are still maturing as a company. Im proud to give this product a rating of 9 out of 10, as it definitely provides good value for money.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 02, 2020

“Easy to use platform”

DISCO has a very simple to use platform for search, review, and workflow. It has tailor-made and customizable workflows, views, and security that gives users control over the data.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 02, 2020

“Next-Generation Technology”

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, DISCO offers fast and accurate collection, processing, search and review. It minimizes risk by keeping data secure and confidential which is accessible 24x7.
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