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EC3 is a software tool that specifies low embodied carbon construction materials. Manufacture of construction materials is extremely carbon-intensive, accounting for up to 80% of a new commercial building's climate impact. Professionals, Contractors, and Owners need actionable data to make informed decisions about climate impact and performance. 

EC3 eDiscovery is a free, open-source web tool, backed by a comprehensive database of digitized Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). It targets eDiscovery professionals such as service providers, law firms of all sizes, corporate counsel and more looking for performance and accuracy.

EC3 Pricing:

EC3 Pricing is disruptive and it is not disclosed in public or in any website. The plan is available on request through filling in the credentials in the official website and support is extended via phone, email and other online measures. A free demo is provided on the website as well. EC3 Pricing plans are affordable to every user as well.

EC3 eDiscovery Demo:

A free demo is available on EC3 on the website for interested consumers.

EC3 eDiscovery Features:

  • Web and CLI Interfaces
  • Unleash the power of EC3 by using the Command Line Interface.
  • Available at GitHub repository.
  • Self Managed Elasticity
  • Powered by CLUES and managed by the cluster itself.
  • No external monitoring required.
  • Hybrid Clusters
  • Deploy clusters that span multiple Clouds with automatic VPN / SSH tunnels management.
  • Partitions a data set into preliminary clusters and then constructs a hierarchical structure upon these subclusters
  • Cost Aware
  • Leverage Spot Instances to cut down costs.
  • Features automatic checkpointing and restart of applications.
  • Python powered strength 
  • Developed in Python.
  • Distributed as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Comes with an intelligent data organization module, which allows professionals to identify and capture communications including emails, presentations, voicemails and audio/video files.


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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020


It has installed MAC and Windows. It is a Web-based software along with Cloud and SaaS. Convenient pricing options available.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020


It is available live online in the form of Webinars. Documentation is also available.
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