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Summation is an only all-inclusive, web-based legal review platform that provides teams with a single tool for managing all post-collection stages of e-discovery. Powered by trusted FTK processing technology, Summation combines processing, review and case organization into a single product for the most cost-effective, accelerated ediscovery possible. It utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, data and never has to move throughout the e-discovery process, reducing the risk of data loss and spoliation.

Summation Features

  • Reduced Costs
  • No up-charges for modules.
  • Automatic “predictive coding” functionality integrated directly into Summation, eliminating the need to put reviewer eyes on every document.
  • Most relevant sets and dramatically reducing review time and cost.

  • Ease of Use
  • Contains simple drag-and-drop functionality to help eliminate mistakes when importing information.
  • Intuitive data visualization features make Summation the ideal tool for teams of all skill levels.

  • Single Platform for E-discovery
  • Combines full-strength data processing, early case assessment and final review features in a single platform.
  • Eliminates the need for iterative processing, data loading, and multiple review cycles.

  • Data Visualization
  • Focus on changes in email patterns and changes in email activity related to the case.
  • Social analyzer connects custodian communication patterns; expand on email domains to examine individual emails in more detail.

Summation Pricing

Summation Pricing can be attained in a detailed manner as per requirements by requesting on the website. Summation Pricing plans can also be obtained from the customer care.

Summation Demo

Summation free demo can be acquired online by visiting the website about the product’s integrated features and a key on how to use it.


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Debra Krueger's requirement
"Looking to purchase an upgraded version of Summation for one user. We currently have a very old unsupported version."
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