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Voltaire eDiscovery is a highly advanced legal technology provider for litigators. It assists in finding information on potential jurors and other individuals involved in a case quickly and accurately. To ensure a smooth trial, Voltaire offers large volumes of current data along with powerful analysis drawn from advanced research tools combined with a robust customer support team.   

Voltaire Pricing:

Voltaire pricing is disruptive in nature and the information is not disclosed in public or in any website. All the information is available on request by filling in the credentials through the official website of Voltaire. It offers a free single trial license, as well as a combination of subscription pricing options based on individual and firm’s needs. 

Voltaire eDiscovery Demo:

Voltaire eDiscovery offers a complimentary no-obligation demonstration of its software with its free trial. A user can also schedule a free personalized demo as per convenience by requesting the same from Voltaire’s website. 

Voltaire eDiscovery Features:

→ Quick Actionable Intelligence

  • Supplies advanced research software, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning provide complete information quickly and accurately
  • Highlight hidden risks and biases. Use linguistic analysis to identify behavioral issues and personality traits

→ Data from a wide variety of sources

  • Retrieve data from a wealth of data sources, which assist with jury research and improve decision making
  • Inspects personal information, social media presence, checks for criminal background, etc., for a better analysis

→ Detailed and intuitive reports

  • Easy-to-read reports providing important information at a glance
  • Customized reports available in PDF Format with a function to visual jury

→ Decentralized Mode

  • Assist collaboration as the team can access all the information from the cloud and work from anywhere
  • Provide remote assistance of researchers and experts 

→ Better Jury for Trial

  • Find hidden risks and biases, as well as examines previous histories and backgrounds to spot a potential problem
  • Help better understand the jury pool and justify for-cause opportunities of the team


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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Cutting edge technology”

Voltaire uses highly advanced technology along with extensive online research to obtain valuable insights for trials and cases.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 02, 2020

“Solves the information problem”

Voltaire gives access to a large volume of public and social records, thus improving accuracy and optimizing decision making.
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