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Uptale USP

USP of Uptale elearning authoring tools is its immersive learning features. It is one of the only softwares in the market to provide a memorable and distinctive experience such as this, which makes it very popular with a host of businesses. It is also very efficient and ensures that courses are designed in a way that ensures maximum learner retention. Users can also carefully study learner demographics to be able to streamline their courses further. Request Uptale Pricing to get more information.


Uptale elearning authoring tools is basically aimed towards creating enterprise learning solutions for large scale corporate training. However, it is also extremely scalable and can be used across a range of business sizes. It is mostly used to create upskilling and reskilling training solutions across a range of industries and provides better information retention through innovative learning styles. 

Uptale Pricing

Uptale pricing plans are not publicly available. However, interested users can inquire directly to the vendor, in order to find out which Uptale pricing plan suits their individual business requirements the best. Further Uptale pricing concerns and needs for flexibility can also be discussed with the vendor until an arrangement is reached. 

Uptale Demo

Uptale does not provide a free trial. However, a demo request can be made directly to the company in order to better understand how Uptale works, and its features. This will also help users decide which Uptale pricing plan is best for their individual business requirements. Furthermore, assistance is readily available for users who need it for installation and usage.


Immersive Learning Features 

  • Uptale elearning authoring tools use immersive learning, through a range of simulations and advanced artificial intelligence 
  • This ensures much better retention as it creates life-like experiences and engages several senses 

Great Authoring Tools 
  • It also uses highly sophisticated authoring tools to create courses that are as innovative, engaging, and immersive as possible 
  • Ensures maximum learner engagement as well 

Easy Sharing 
  • The software enables very easy sharing of files and learning solutions across a range of different platforms 
  • Makes it very convenient to use and gather feedback 

Highly Secure 
  • It ensures that all its content is highly secure, and private through very good encryption systems 
  • Makes it very safe for sensitive and confidential learning content 


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Uptale Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 11, 2020

“Efficient and fun to use”

Uptale is very efficient and fun to use, making learning much more interesting!
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 11, 2020

“Competitive pricing”

Uptale pricing plans are well designed and very competitive!
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