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Micro Focus Voltage SecureMail Reviews & Product Details

  • Newbury, UK
  • 1976
  • $1BN to $5BN
Company Overview
Micro Focus is a pure play software provider. It is focused on building, selling, and supporting software. In 2017, Micro Focus merged with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) software business to create one of the world largest pure-play software companies. It categorizes its offerings into 5 segments, namely, COBOL Development and Mainframe Solutions (CDMS); host connectivity; Identity, Access, and Security (IAS); Development and IT Operations Management (ITOM); and collaboration and networking. In the email encryption market, the company provides solutions, such as on-premises email encryption and cloud email encryption. These solutions aim at protecting users’ emails from advanced threats and vulnerabilities. Micro Focus owns various software franchises, including COBOL, Serena, Borland, Attachmate, Novell, SUSE Linux, Progress, and NetIQ. Micro Focus caters to various industry verticals, including transportation, BFSI, communications, education, retail, healthcare, hospitality, media, government and public sector, and energy.

Micro Focus is prominently recognized for offering security solutions and services to a wide range of customers across verticals. The company strong solution and service portfolios, and its ability to cater to a broad customer base have helped it build a strong customer base across regions. Micro Focus has become the largest pure-play software player, post its merger with HPE software division and NetIQ. The company innovative offerings make it one of the most trusted and deployed solution providers in the email encryption market. It makes investments in organic and inorganic growth strategies, depending on the evaluation of its security portfolio. It has been consistently focusing on strengthening its portfolio with the help of new product launches and product enhancements.

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