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Elastic Email
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Elastic Email USP

Elastic Email’s email management enables the user to create a marketing campaign based on automation, customization, and review. It’s simple and customizable subscription options with add on features give the user the control to manage outreach and budget simultaneously. With a marketing user interface that can be translated into eight languages.

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Elastic Email is an email marketing platform that helps users create a cost-effective and dynamic email marketing campaign. It helps users create easy to set up campaigns that can be scaled according to the user’s requirements. Standard features like reporting and templates help simplify management while optimizing performance, allowing the user to comfortably create an email campaign within a budget.

Elastic Email Pricing

Based on user requirements and services Elastic Email pricing can range from 10 USD to 30 USD per month for 10,000 contacts. It also offers additional features like private IPs, priority support, and premium support for extra charges. Elastic Email pricing segments are :

Email Marketing

  1. Unlimited- 10 USD/ month for upto 10,000 contacts.
  2. Unlimited Pro- 30 USD/month for upto 10,000 contacts.


It offers a demo that can be availed on its website based on the user’s requirements.


Campaign creation

  • Design emails using the inbuilt email designer of coding customized templates.
  • Manage campaigns using recipient lists, scheduling options, and auto-responding to stay connected to one’s subscribers.

Web Forms

  • Boost audience growth by creating unlimited web forms using the web form tool that generates HTML for the user's website.
  • Track engagement using subscription notifications and custom activation templates.

A/X Testing

  • Utilize A/X testing to determine the efficiency of an email.
  • Review different templates, layouts, and subject lines to improve outreach and create quality campaigns.

Email Automations

  • Increase audience engagement with a personalized email flow based on real-time audience behavior.
  • Create steps and use advanced logic to control and personalize the automation process.

Detailed Reports

  • Maximize email ROI 
  • Make informed choices using detailed activity and engagement reports.


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Elastic Email
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Elastic Email Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easy campaign creation”

Elastic Email’s campaign creation is loaded with customizable templates, email scheduling, and add on sign up form templates to create maximum engagement.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Budget marketing tool”

Elastic Email allows users to modify their campaign to fit budgets while offering extra tools like private IPs and priority support to create a truly efficient campaign.
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