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Stampede USP

Stampede Email Marketing offers wifi integration and has become a mainstream cloud-based software. The system is affordable and flexible and caters to a wide range of services and budgets. It does not require heavy hardware to function. It helps businesses get repeat customers by providing seamless customer WiFi. It also gathers details of customers at the time of login and creates a captive portal that opens automatically when guests connect which keeps the network secure. Request Stampede Pricing to get more information.


Stampede Email Marketing is a cloud-based data capturing software to increase users to your businesses. The software captures data from people by gathering thousands of emails. It offers wifi to its customers with a secure network as well as saves time with automating tasks and eliminates the need to repeat marketing processes like changing wifi passwords. Stampede Email Marketing offers important behavioral insights to increase repeat customers.

Stampede Pricing 

Stampede Pricing plans provide monthly subscription plans ranging from₹4,790.53 /month/site to ₹9,581.07/month/site. It does not have a free version but offers a 14-day free trial period. Here is a list of Stampede pricing segments: 

  • Starter: ₹4,790.53/month/site
  • All In: ₹9,581.07/month/site
  • Multi-Site: If there are more than 5 sites to manage, then the website will provide a personalized subscription plan. 

Stampede Demo

The website offers a live demo with a screen-sharing demonstration provided by one of the members of the team. The demo will take you through all the features and the team will clarify any queries one might have.


Data Capturing
  • Capture data through the software dashboard and one-time registration.
  • Visualize data with the help of reports and get insights on client behavior.

Campaign Management

  • Create email campaigns for all customers or based on specified segments like location, gender, and age.
  • Increase your reach and visibility by setting up automated SMS marketing campaigns.  


  • Send targeted automatic emails to customers with branded logos and personalized questions.
  • Get instant feedback through reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Review, etc. 

Wifi Integration and Security

  • Integrate with all major hotspot vendors in the world in order to set up anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor data usage across networks and set bandwidth limitations according to data usage. 


  • +14
    A/B Testing
  • +5
  • +6
    CAN SPAM Compliance
  • +10
    Collaborative Writing
  • +8
    Drip Campaigns
  • +10
    Form Builder
  • +13
    Group Posting
  • +11
    Image Library
  • +14
    Mobile Optimized Emails
  • +14
    Post Management
  • +5
  • +6
    Subscriber Management
  • +14
    Support Type
  • +10
    Training and Development
  • +9
  • +7
  • +5
  • +11
    Comment Moderation
  • +9
    Customer Support Service
  • +7
    Customer Surveys
  • -8
    Customizable Templates
  • -9
    Drag & Drop
  • -9
    Dynamic Content
  • -10
    Event Triggered Email
  • -12
    File Sharing
  • -12
    Landing Pages/Web Forms
  • -13
    List Management
  • -6
  • -13
    On-Site Support
  • -8
    Others, please specify
  • -14
  • -11
    Real Time Editing
  • -12
    Remote Support
  • -5

Stampede Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“All in one E-Marketing software”

The Stampede software offers email marketing features with an intent to increase customers.It creates dynamic customer segments for targeted email campaigns. It also allows personalized SMS marketing for immediate response building. The tool helps to create and launch beautifully designed stories.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Easy to use Data Analytics software”

It offers the opportunity to have personalized, post-visit communication with customers. Also, the tool provides data analytics to know customers better. It helps to analyze and identify the audience with the best response to marketing.
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