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Bodi USP

Bodi Employee Monitoring Software allows enterprises to identify existing security threats and fix them. It also brings to notice potential security threats and employee activity taking place inside the organization. Users receive real-time alerts when suspicious activity is found to be taking place. Bodi Employee Monitoring Software provides cloud storage of HD video recording of every endpoint which can be used as forensic evidence in case any action needs to be taken against any employee for abnormal activity. Bodi provides complete endpoint control and measures the time spent on each activity for every staff member. 

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Bodi is an Employee Monitoring System by Pilixo that helps enterprises keep a check on data security, productivity, and compliance. Bodi is cloud-based and hence provides a service that is as good as being run on an enterprise’s servers. It has recorded HD video for all times as evidence for any decision that might be needed to take and also sends real-time alerts for any abnormal activity detected. For financial institutions, it also makes sure that employees comply with the required ethics and codes of conduct.

Bodi Pricing

Bodi Pricing is in line with leading competitors in the employee monitoring software market. provides two subscription plans according to business needs. Here are the Bodi Pricing segments:

  1. Employee Monitoring RRP - $20/endpoint/month with 90 days of cloud storage
  2. MSP for All- $1/endpoint/month especially for MSPs with 5 days cloud storage


Bodi Demo

Bodi Employee Monitoring Software has step-by-step tutorials in its support center which helps users get started. To understand how the software works completely, users can try the 2-week free trial which has a grace period of another week, before deciding on choosing Bodi for the employee monitoring.



Forensic Evidence- Review and analyze the complete video recording of each device required. Review keyword searching for each device.

Protection Against Phishing- Prevent employees from clicking on malicious links by accident. Stop malware from any vector- Skype, email, websites, etc. in its tracks.

Remediation- Correct device-related issues with complete remote control.

Data Threat Detection- Prevent data theft through unauthorized privilege change. Receive real-time alerts based on file actions and defined keywords.

Analysis of Usage- Analyze employees’ usage of browsing, printing, apps, etc. Analyze the time spent by each employee on each of the functions.


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Bodi Reviews


James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Complete coverage of employee activities with evidence”

Enterprises can track everything an employee does and can use the information can work on ways to improve productivity.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Very good security from internal data threats”

Bodi recognizes data theft threats and potential threats to make life easier for the enterprise. Budget friendly pricing software.
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