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TheTruthSpy Employee Monitoring Software can be used for a variety of purposes like monitoring kids’ and employees’ cell phones. It provides features like call recording, ambient voice recording, spying on applications, spying on internet use, and even location tracking. These features can be used by parents to ensure the safety of their children and by employers to make sure that employees are not wasting time on the job and to increase productivity.

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TheTruthSpy Employee Monitoring Software is a spying app that can be used as an employee monitoring system as well as an app for enhanced security of children. Employees can waste time and lose productivity using the internet and TruthSpy helps the management avoid this.

TheTruthSpy Pricing

TheTruthSpy Pricing provides three plans based on a user’s needs and requirements. Here are TheTruthSpy Pricing segments:

  • Standard- $21.99 per month with discounts if purchased for a larger period
  • Premium- $25.99 per month with discounts if purchased for a larger period
  • Gold- $30.99 per month with discounts if purchased for a larger period


TheTruthSpy Demo

TheTruthSpy provides a blog that has a lot of how-to articles. Also, there is a 5-day moneyback guarantee which allows a user to use the software before making a decision on using it further. If a user does not like the product, the buyer can get a refund. 

TheTruthSpy Employee Monitoring Software Features

Internet Activity Monitoring- Monitor all the activities that are done by the user on the phone using the internet. Use information on what employees and kids are surfing for or watching on the internet.

Multimedia- Monitor all the multimedia that is being shared to and from your employee. Secure confidential information by making sure employees do not share it.

Restricted Use of the Internet- Use this feature to restrict the use of the internet for kids and employees so that they aren’t distracted. Avoid the consumption of inappropriate content at the workplace.

Alerts and GPS Tracking- Get notified whenever employees are doing a specific activity which may be a distraction. Track the location of kids and employees to know where they are in real-time.

Call and Ambient Voice Recording- Use recorded calls on the target device to analyze and improve performance and avoid safety breaches.


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TheTruthSpy Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Comprehensive data reports”

Management can get detailed insights into the activities of their employees to ensure optimum productivity levels.
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James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Very easy-to-use and efficient”

The monitoring system is effectively simple and helps collect data quickly and accurately.
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