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Time Doctor is an extensive tool for tracking employee activity which helps in increasing overall productivity of the organization and employees. Time Doctor offers integration with more than 40 project management tools and accounting tools which help track how people work on these tools. Time Doctor even allows clients to access reports so that clients can track the performance of the associated employees.

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Time Doctor is a fully customizable employee activity monitoring system that helps businesses improve employee productivity and reduce wastage of time. It provides real-time alerts and reminders to employees when employees are found to be sitting idle or digressing from work. Time Doctor helps managers track employee activity through timely reports as well.

Time Doctor Pricing

The Time Doctor Pricing has subscription plans ranging from $12 per month to $999 per month depending on users and type of plan. Here is how Time Doctor Pricing can be summarized:

  • Business- $12/month for one user to $499/month for 50 users, and for more than 50 users Time Doctor’s sales team can be contacted
  • Enterprise- $24/month for one user to $999/month for 50 users, and for more than 50 users Time Doctor’s sales team can be contacted

Time Doctor Demo

Time Doctor’s help center contains how-to guides and tutorial videos for help at every step of the way. Time Doctor allows organizations to request setting up of demos if needed. For users who want to take a crack at the software before investing money in it, Time Doctor provides a 14-day free trial as well.


Screenshots- Monitor exactly what employees are doing and how through automated screenshots taken at the specified time interval. Improve efficiency by identifying factors that lead to distraction and time-wastage.

Powerful Reports- Receive detailed time-usage reports on a daily or weekly basis. Improve productivity by using insights from reports received. Self-correct as an employee after receiving time usage statistics.

Multiple Devices- Track employees using Time Doctor on tablets and mobile phones as well.

Integration- Synchronize project management tools and accounting tools with Time Doctor and track employee work.

Alerts and Reminders- Prevent wastage of time through alerts when employees are sitting idle or on a non-work page or app. Monitor how much time is spent on breaks and away from the computer.


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Time Doctor
62 Buyers Negotiating
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Time Doctor Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Clients feature is very impressive”

The clients feature allows for controlled access to clients to the reports obtained through Time Doctor.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Integration with other tools is helpful”

If employees are working on a project which needs a lot of work to be done on a particular tool, integration helps track activity on that too.
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