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Dude Solutions provides SaaS/cloud-based solutions to its clients across various industries. The company offers three major platforms – SchoolDude, FacilityDude, and TheWorxHub in the EAM space. SchoolDude, Dude Solutions’ flagship platform, focuses mainly on educational institutions and helps them improve management of facilities. TheWorxHub, a robust suite, was added to the Dude Solutions portfolio to extend the facility management expertise to enterprises operating in the senior living, hospitality, and healthcare sectors. FacilityDude, launched in 2007, aims to extend the scope of operations management.

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The suite delivers similar efficiencies as the SchoolDude platform to local government, manufacturers, and other commercial businesses.In the EAM space, the company offers various solutions – MaintenanceDirect, a perfect work order management solution; PMDirect, a smart maintenance management software solution; InventoryDirect, an inventory management software solution; UtilityDirect, a utility tracking and bill analysis software solution; and ITAMDirect, an IT hardware and software asset management solution.

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Asset Essentials Presence in Enterprise Asset Management Software
Dude Solutions is an established player in the EAM market because of its advanced technology-based offerings. It caters to a wide range of users across different industries such as educational institutes, hospitals, healthcare organizations, manufacturers, and government institutions. The company offers cost-effective customized solutions that improve the way companies manage, monitor, and invest in enterprise facilities. The company facilitates easy and effortless management of enterprise assets through its technologically advanced solutions. Dude Solutions’ unique products have strong features and benefits that have brought a radical change in the business industry. Over the years, the company has focused on organic growth strategies to expand its market presence. In 2015, Dude Solutions acquired Windmill Software, a Toronto-based operations management solution provider, to capture a prominent market position and to extend its reach and market penetration. In the same year, the company acquired Mobile311, a GIS and mobile mapping solution provider. The acquisition allowed Dude Solutions to address the growing asset management requirements of state and local governments, educational institutes, and other entities that manage spatial and distributed assets.

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