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ASG Technologies
Naples, Florida, US
$101MN to $500MN
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ASG Data Intelligence is the solution for data distrust. It is a metadata-driven stage that makes technical information more intelligent, easier to understand, and how it developed over time. Information value is released by making it accessible, comprehended, and trusted to clients across your organizations. The platform will help in increased data usage because it helps in an improved understanding of data origins, processes, and business contexts. Data experts with the help of this platform can categorize the data easily and enhance its discoverability Request ASG Technologies Pricing to get more information.


ASG will protect all your sensitive data and take care of regulatory compliances by tracking and centralizing policy management of data to comply with GDPR and CCPA/CCPR without locking the useful insights. The platform offers centralized management of data to deliver good quality and trusted data for better business decisions. It reduces the risk with automated impact analysis that will understand change impacts across the organization and will keep an audit trail of why changes were made. With the help of this platform, users can eliminate data bloats and redundancies, it rationalizes unused, obsolete, and redundant data to save cost and enhancing discoverability.

ASG Pricing

ASG pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing

ASG Demo

To know better about ASG, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon


Automated data asset inventory gathers metadata from more than 260 data sources extending from cloud applications to data sources.

Find, record, manage and share information resources in control with a user-friendly interface. Search, browse or view lineage to discover, comprehend and trust the information
A better understanding of business setting – terms, arrangements, sensitive data labels, etc. – to map technical information and different resources for a 360° perspective on your data.

Catch why the change was made and envision the data to forecast impacts, investigate issues, and give a review trail of changes.


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ASG Technologies
82 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +13
    Business Semantics
  • +12
  • +13
    Data Analysis
  • +11
    Data Governance
  • +13
    Data Inventory
  • +5
    Data Lineage
  • +14
    Data Quality Management
  • +14
    Data Value
  • +9
    Flexible Metamodel
  • +6
    Impact Analysis
  • +13
  • +10
    Large Enterprise
  • +5
  • +8
    Reference Data Management
  • +12
    Risk and Compliance
  • +11
    Workflow Management
  • +7
  • +5
    Cloud Transformation
  • +10
    Data Connectivity
  • +5
    Data Discovery
  • -14
    Data Enrichment
  • -7
    Data Profiling
  • -6
    Data Security and Privacy
  • -8
    Data Warehousing
  • -10
    Incident management
  • -6
  • -9
    Medium Enterprise
  • -12
    Metadata Exchange
  • -6
  • -8
    Small Enterprise
  • -14
    Support and Maintenance
  • -9
  • -11
ASG Technologies Presence in Enterprise Metadata Management Software
ASG Technologies is a global enterprise with offices in over 70 locations and customers in over 85% of the large enterprises. The company primarily focuses on investments in innovation for the long run, which helps the company to respond to shifts in end-user behaviors with agility. In April 2017, the private equity group, Evergreen Coast Capital announced its investment in ASG Technologies to support the growth strategy and help with further innovations. The new investments are expected to help the company focus more on new markets and product development, and would offer new growth opportunities. Moreover, ASG plans to enhance its integrated enterprise metadata management tool to resolve business-critical issues, including enterprise architecture, data management, and others. Additionally, ASG asserts its market position through organic growth strategies, but it also undertakes inorganic strategies to expand market reach. The strategies of partnerships and technology innovations have enabled the company to expand its customer base in the metadata management market. The company has launched a global partner program to extend its market reach for enterprise technology solutions. The company has also developed the global partner program that would help expand its market reach. The introduction of such global partner program helps reward partner innovations, thereby paving the path for further mergers with its associated partners. Additionally, the company has signed an agreement with Syncsort to integrate data intelligence, data governance, and compliance tools with Syncsort’s Trillium data quality tools. Moreover, the introduction of advanced data governance solutions is helping the company gain recognition in the market
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