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Irrespective of how complex your information is, MANTA manages to establish recognizability, keep your information pipeline intact, and take advantage of your information. The combination of automated data lineage collected across multiple departments and the semantic layers will give complete detail of your data flow, information streams and sources, and conditions that will assist them in data governance. It will also help in information administration and empower proactive troubleshooting. The scanners will connect to the environment and gather all metadata and help in constructing data lineage Request MANTA Pricing to get more information.


Users can change and adjust the lineage according to their requirements that will address users' issues. Search through the entire data lineage or just around the selected parts. It offers enough flexibility to modify the lineage according to users. MANTA's lineage can be conveyed in its local interface, exported to a third-party administration solution of your personal preference, or can be easily incorporated into different data management processes with the help of a well-documented AP. MANTA allows comparison of the condition of data environment or dataflows live at any chosen point, users can effectively navigate, and tune data lineage according to your requirements, regardless of how technically knowledgeable you are.


MANTA Pricing

MANTA pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing


To know better about MANTA, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.


  • Complete Automation: Accomplish complete automation with data lineage consistently incorporated into your applications.
  • Powerful APIs: Send lineage from MANTA to independent arrangements and make it the foundation of your data processing environment.
  • Impact Analysis: Analyse direct and indirect data flows clearly as obvious to perform precise impact analysis.
  • Powerful Scanners and Integrations: MANTA can be used with multiple data governance and cataloging solutions, offering maximized benefits.
  • Data Transformation: Get a prompt comprehension of how crucial estimations were determined with the full data journey and transition of data overtime
  • Conditional Lineage: While working on lineage, MANTA considers all information sources, incorporating those with explicit conditions that otherwise would not be shown accurately


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