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Talend Data Stewardship Reviews & Details

TALEND Overview

Talend offers commercial products with enhanced features as compared with open source versions of the company offerings. Talend Data Stewardship includes additional capabilities which are critical for enterprise deployment. The company offers Talend Data Stewardship, a metadata management tool, in the metadata management market. Talend Metadata Manager connects data from multiple platforms, databases, and analytics tools to generate a holistic view of the information supply chain in a language that everyone can understand. The integration of Talend Metadata Manager provides benefits such as risk and compliance management, increased agility across data landscape, and data translation into enterprise business terms. Additionally, the company offers technical support and consulting and training services to its customers.


The solution incurs intrinsic features, such as design and productivity tools, which provide a complete and actionable map of data flows and stores, a high-level design of data mappings to data profiling tools, data quality and governance tools which explore metadata and discovery through search and model visualization, and management and monitoring tools, which provide a centralized metadata repository.

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TALEND Presence in Enterprise Metadata Management Software
Talend is a renowned player in providing open source products that include tools for big data integration, data quality, enterprise service bus, master data management, and data preparation. The company follows the strategy of providing enhanced features for open source solutions through its subscription offerings that can be used by multiple users within the same organization. The company invests a significant amount of its revenue to innovate and develop new functionalities and product modules. The company sells its software and services through both its sales force and indirect channel partners. In a bid to become a strong player in the metadata management market, Talend has recently upgraded its product offerings that meet the GDPR standards to sustain its position in the metadata management market.

Top TALEND Features

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