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WeSendit ETL Software is an ETL tool that aids in the transfer of small to medium size businesses to transfer files on a large scale. Its best part is it works on its tools to improve constantly and at this moment it is moving into predictive analytics. It’s an innovative way to build an interface.

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WeSendit ETL Software is an ETL tool which fosters to send files which are secure, simple and quickly send to any number of destination or reach. It transfers data with personal fingerprints and optimizes download with individual backgrounds and personal URLs. It is user friendly and its clear interface assures rapid and secure access to, and processing of the data.

WeSendit Pricing

WeSendit Pricing plans allow an individual to send files easily, which is secure to multiple destinations. These are:

In a free account,

  • An individual can transfer minimum 5GB to 15 recipients variedly
  • Encrypted connection during uploads downloads and transfer
  • Download and transfer confirmation

In a Premium account,

  • Access to a large volume of data transfer up to 20GB to 50 recipients
  • Scheduled data transfer up to 3 months in advance
  • Fully encrypted with password transfers
  • Access to unlimited storage time for data
  • Grants total storage of 100GB of data

WeSendit Pricing plans begin at $12.00/month/user. It also bestows a free trial for 14 days.

WeSendit Demo

WeSendit ETL Software is free for users and can transfer a minimum of 5GB to 15 recipients variedly and it has experts that can give advice and answer the queries related to the issue.



Address book management
Manage contacts to keep track of recipients. Provide a smooth view of each and every contacts and data.

Data management
Integrate user-friendly view of all data to have unlimited access in performing tedious searches. Handles the status of the last upload by changing the data management settings which suits the needs of an individual.

Loyalty points and coupons
Fosters to collect points, i.e. rewards and earn coupons. Facilitates every bit of data that is transferred and helps the individual collect attractive prizes.

Sending passwords
Automates the security of data easily with passwords. Maintain options which are guaranteed with WeSendit premium to protect data from third parties.


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Wesendit Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Essential data transfer software”

WeSendit is an essential data transfer tool used to transfer big files in one go. It’s an excellent tool for the integration of applications.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Tailor-made interface”

It is a user-friendly and interactive tool that is designed to meet the requirement of the users.
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