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B-com event management software is a network and matchmaking modules allows the customers and attendees to attend a one-on-one meeting with the exhibitors. And the powerful B-com artificial intelligence learns from similar events to propose new and improved ideas for the coming events. The software’s resilient architecture ensures workflow and continuity of operations along with centralized control of the whole event which helps in reconfiguration and app connectivity. The 24/7 technical support system for the software ensures the fixing of anomalies in real-time.

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B-com is a global community and event management platform. The software is dedicated to professional event planners. Integration of events through automation, data amalgamation, and full customization can be done with the help of numerous features. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the process to standardize or industrialize a process can be done with smooth functioning and in an economic way.

B-com Pricing:

B-com Pricing plans offer economic software for an organization. The pricing information is not disclosed by the vendor and is available upon request. To know more about the B-Com Pricing subscriptions, interested users can visit the official website and fill the contact form.

B-com Event Management Software Demo:

Trial version of the software is available by requesting for a demo on the website. Information regarding a better understanding of the software is available on the website. 

B-com Event Management Software Features:

  • Universal app
  • Provides attendees with a consistent experience across any platform.
  • Provides installation with a one-click feature in the B-com universal app.
  • Engages attendees with networking features.
  • Expense claims
  • Claims transactions digitally to reduce the amount of paperwork needed.
  • Automates expenses and claims generated for the payment files.
  • Provision of a web portal for reviewing claims of the customers.
  • Configuration
  • Handles events that include different currencies, languages, tax regimes.
  • Provides different and the right configurations for any type of event.
  • Searches of features made easy for global content.
  • Housing management
  • Manages hotel offerings from the request of the proposal with contracting steps.
  • Enriching blocks with online travel agencies for better coordination of the customer travel data.
  • Replaces and complements the list of contracted hotels easily.
  • Service desk
  • Run structured operations by focusing on real-time events.
  • Functioning of the built-in AI augments B-com service desk provides simple solutions for better processing.
  • Access tasks by the employees from any screen of the application.


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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 02, 2020

“Easy integration provides multi-functionality”

Integration with platforms like payment operations and social media outlets ensures one-stop solutions.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Secure payment gateways”

Secure payment gateways provide a way for a smooth and secure transactional process for each client and organization.
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