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ESB is leading software for event management of theatres, concert halls, museums and other organizations where events take place. ESB provides a one-stop platform for all theatres and concert related needs which span from ticket sales to employee management. Its integrated event software makes ticket sales, financial administration, and employee management easy. ESB enables the coordination of the most detailed schedules and tasks.

ESB Pricing:

ESB Pricing offers a range of costs depending on the requirement of the services and the scale of the event. ESB Pricing information can be obtained by contacting ESB through its website or by requesting a quote to the ESB support team.

ESB Event Management Software Demo:

ESB event management software provides a Demo on request. The demo can be availed from its site by simple registration to explore all its event functionalities without any obligation.

ESB Event Management Software Features:

→ Integrated Calendar

  • Optimize and Integrate with ESB’s calendar to personalize the work agenda by filtering all kinds of details. All information entered can be made visible in the work agenda, including ticket sales information. 
  • Customize ESB’s calendar according to day, week, month and season view. Bookings made can be seen, reports can be created, and much more.

→Powerful CRM Module

  • Gain maximum lead through ESP’s CRM by conveniently bundling all information about contacts and relations. Various advanced export options can be used to link emails and send invitations. 
  • Optimize by assigning addresses, linking photos and files, and much more. 

→ Task Planner

  • Operate with maximum efficiency with the Tasks module which provides an overview of all tasks with associated deadlines, follow-up moments and statuses. 
  • Optimize workload by assigning tasks to colleagues, events, and processes. With ESB’s automated module tasks can be performed automatically if set conditions are met. 

→ Cost planning and forecasting

  • Operate Seamlessly with ESB’s deals module which generates an up-to-date overview of the income and costs of performances, concerts and other events.
  • Generate accurate forecasts based on expected visitor numbers and financial records.

→ Staff Management

  • Simplify employee management with ESB’s module for personnel planning. It automatically schedules all employees, based on contacts, hours and scenarios.
  • Digitize staff management with an online portal for registration and deregistration.


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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 02, 2020


ESB has a simple and clear Dashboard with a user-friendly environment. Its intuitive UI makes event management and allocating tasks simple.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 02, 2020

“Integrate easily”

It provides an efficient link with systems so external partners can integrate easily and work with files.
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