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Evite is a digital invitation and event management platform focused on bringing people together. With thousands of free and premium customizable designs that can be sent by email or text message. Evite makes celebrating face-to-face easier and more memorable for its users and their guests. 

Its plethora of features, including tracking attendee status, managing ongoing guest communications, and event analytics allow organizers to manage events seamlessly.

Evite Features

→ Quick and Easy Invitations

  • Create and customize events with ease, at the fingertips with various customizable options like title, time, location, and host message simply by tapping once.

  • Choose from thousands of digital invitations for occasions big and small which are well organized and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

→ Customizable Invitations

  • Customizing invitation by including logo and colors for branding purposes. Evite enables the user to create an invitation that suits the theme of the event.

  • Make one from scratch or choose among the free and premium selections on the website.

→ Multichannel delivery options

  • Ensure delivery of invitations to guests and by sending invitations via email or sharing them as links, the host can also send them through text with Evite. 

  • Ensure quick notification and send a reminder to guests by sending an invitation via text message right from phone contacts or Evite contacts.

→ RSVP Tracking

  • Operates efficiently with Evite’s RSVP tracking. Ensure the attendance of guests by seamless tracking and planning accordingly.

  • Optimize the event by determining through the web site whether a guest has viewed the invitation or not and real-time RSVP tracking.

→ Integrations with external apps

  • Make giving easier by Evite integration with Amazon. When making an invitation, one has an option to add a wish list. This way, guests know exactly what to bring to the event.

  • Invite guests to support a charitable cause, from animals to disaster relief. Or, conduct a fundraiser for a personal cause, such as a college savings or medical fund. 

Evite Pricing

Evite Pricing offers free sign-up for all users. Further, the plans differ as per the user requirements. Each plan includes additional features according to their segments. The Evite Pricing subscription are as follows


  1. Basic - Free
  2. Premium - $14.99 - $79.99/Event
  3. Pro - $249.99/Year


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Evite Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Upgrades and simplifies inviting”

Evite gives the best experience possible when it comes to sending out online invitations. It integrates with Google contacts to keep emails handy and easily accessible.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 02, 2020

“Easy and Useful”

Evite is easy to use and extremely useful. Evite makes it easy to get the word out about upcoming events while also managing the guest list directly from the site.
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