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Slido USP

Slido event management software is a meeting and activities forum for audience engagement. It helps organizers of meetings and events to crowdsource top questions to drive productive conversations, engage with live polls and collect valuable event data. Anonymity allows people to troll and asks questions that can be challenging to answer, for all to see. No way to automatically 'close the loop' on unanswered questions.

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Slido makes it easy to engage the audience, whether to run a large video conference, webinar or a small team meeting. Slido lets event managers and conference owners give a voice to their crowds and make their events more interactive with live Q & A and polling. Founded in 2012, by recruiting millions of participants, Slido has helped create over 400,000 events across more than 100 nations.

Slido Pricing:

Slido pricing is transparent and affordable too for the user. The pricing plan is based on four types of subscriptions that suits the requirements of the users. The details regarding the Slido pricing is listed below

  • Internal - $900 per user per year.
  • Corporate - $1200 per user per year.
  • Enterprise - $2400 per user per year.

Slido Event Management Software Demo:

Slido gives a basic version which is free of cost per user. However, to have any demos or video tutorials, reach out to the Slido team through the website or contact details.

 Slido Event Management Software Features:

→ Remote meetings

  • Give everyone on the remote team a voice with an easy to use Q&A and poling platform.
  • Submit questions from their devices at any time, allowing seeing what’s on the minds without interrupting the flow.

→ Video conferences

  • Slido helps to hear from lots of people at the same time without having them to speak up.
  • By collecting the questions or ideas in advance, one can save time during the meeting and host more productive discussions.

→ Custom themes & branding

  • Customized with its own brand colors and the company logo can be uploaded.
  • Professional onboarding helps to maximize the value of the meetings.

→ Team management

  • Invite colleagues to Slido license to allow colleagues to create and manage their events.
  • Share space for teams to collaborate, communicate, and manage information securely.
  • Simple to set up and manage a way for audiences of various sizes to submit questions for a panel.


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Slido Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 02, 2020

“Good compatibility”

Compatible with the favorite video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, Webex or GoToMeeting.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Efficient and effective”

Slido lets people make the most of meetings and activities by bridging the gap between speakers and the public.
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