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SAP Concur
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SAP Concur USP

Backed with sophisticated AI technology, It is widely used across diverse industries in enhancing and making superior their travel and expense management. It provides an impressive range of features and functions that can be easily utilized by businesses of all sizes to improve their conduct.

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It is a dynamic platform that allows businesses to successfully manage their travel and expense management via the cloud-based network. It controls expenses by keeping a real-time track on a centralized database and offers workable solutions by streamlining processes, simplifying functions and increasing efficiency making it a great choice for organizations aspiring to grow bigger and better. With this organizations can focalize on growth.

SAP Concur Pricing:

The pricing is not displayed on its official website. For those interested to know about the pricing can request a price quote by answering a few questions on the site. Email inquiries can be sent for detailed information.


It provides two self- guided demonstrations on its website- expense and invoice. The expense demo involves capturing expenses, submitting and approving an expense report. This also makes available premium content for those who sign up.


  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Integrate all data at a single platform, track and analyze travel expenses
  • Automate expense reporting, stay updated on compliance formalities and work on bettering strategies
  • Transparency and Control
  • Ensure transparent working as all information becomes unambiguous on a shared platform
  • Control cash flow by drawing a holistic picture of travel expense and invoice spends
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Enable employees to perform better without worrying about the monotonous, manual task of expense reporting and invoice management
  • Boost efficiency by reduced or little error in decision implementation
  • Analytics
  • Gain insights and accuracy with interactive tools and analyze expense reports
  • Customize and build dashboards on which members can add their functional expertise with this software consultant’s help
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Reduce the chance of data breach by sharing minimum personal data with the software
  • Ensure data remains protected with encryption and international security standards


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SAP Concur
63 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +8
    Advanced Integrations
  • +5
    Ease of Booking
  • +10
    Electronic Payments
  • +9
    Invoice Creation and Delivery
  • +6
    Itinerary Management
  • +11
    Project Accounting
  • +12
    Revenue Recognition
  • +7
    Trip Notifications
  • +5
    Automated Reminders
  • +8
  • +7
    Live Support Chat
  • +14
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +7
    PCI Regulation Compliant
  • +6
    Policy Compliance Management
  • +13
    Standard Integrations
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +6
  • +14
  • +10
    Bank / Credit Card Integration
  • +11
    Cloud, Web-based, SaaS
  • -14
    Currency Conversions
  • -12
    Digital Receipt Management
  • -9
    Ease of Creating Expense Reports
  • -13
    Employee Reimbursement
  • -13
  • -12
  • -8
    Digital Invoices
  • -11
    Due Dates
  • -8
    Embedded AI / Machine Learning
  • -5
    Expense Automation
  • -7
  • -10
    Invoice Templates
  • -13
    KPIs Monitoring
  • -6
    Mobile Functionality
  • -14
    Payment Tracking
  • -10
    Receipt Capture
  • -9
    Recurring Invoices
  • -9
    Mileage Tracking

SAP Concur Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“Organized performance”

This tool methodizes day to day working by eliminating a lot of unnecessary tasks, thus saving time and effort. Enriching experience.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Visible data, visible growth”

With this software making all data visible on a single screen, opportunities and limitations can be firmly assessed. A growth-oriented tool.
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SAP Concur Presence in Expense Management Software
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