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RESS facility management is known to provide access to the advanced room scheduling feature enabling the users to view available as well as reserved rooms with the help of a drag-and-drop feature. The multi-functional app provides quick access to reservation pages, makes tracking easy and gives detailed insight into financial transactions.

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RESS is a feature-rich, flexible facility management solution that aims at integrating advanced features like room reservation, event scheduling, online registration, charges, reporting, and so much more. A wide range of business enterprises or organizations can leverage the benefits offered by this tool –including event and meeting planners, facility operators, audiovisual companies, caterers, rental companies, and much more.

RESS Facility Management Pricing:

Various RESS Pricing models are available for users. RESS Pricing for ‘Lite’ version -$295 for every single workstation and RESS -$1495 for every single workstation. RESS is known to provide access to two enterprise and SMB RESS pricing plans for users to make their selection.

RESS Facility Management Demo:

There is a demo available at the official website of the software. However, there is a free trial for the same. You can use it to test the software and understand its functionalities. 

Software Facility Management Features:

Some of the salient features of the software solution include:

  •         Drag-and-drop Room Scheduling

Ø  Simplifying the process of room scheduling

Ø  Ability to see which rooms are available and which are reserved

Ø  Interactive drag-and-drop interface for creating new room interfaces

  •         Quick Access of Reservation Pages

Ø  Improved feature of accessing the reservation pages

Ø  Ability to enter relevant information during room scheduling

Ø  Automated process of room scheduling and maintaining reservation pages

  •         Recording and Tracking Event Changes

Ø  Ease of keeping track of the changes in the event

Ø  Get a better insight into financial transactions

Ø  Recording all changes associated with the given events


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RESS Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 07, 2020

“Ease of Maintaining Accounts”

The software stores all the respective charges of the events. Moreover, it can also be used for creating invoices. Thus, all accounts-related activities are handled brilliantly by the tool.
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Great Support”

The professional RESS team at the software’s end is highly professional and supportive. We were impressed with their 24/7 support services to the clients.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 07, 2020

“Amazing reporting capabilities”

With this software, we were able to design different types of reports in multiple formats. This was a great feature of the RESS software.
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Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

May 07, 2020

“Excellent Event Drawings”

I was quite impressed by the innovative event drawing tool by the software. The Room Viewer tool allowed me to design bespoke event scheduling. Moreover, the tool is highly suitable as well.
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