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Esri offers ArcGIS platform that provides contextual tools for mapping and spatial reasoning to explore data and share location-based insights. ArcGIS platform includes ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Mobile, ArcGIS for Server, and ArcGIS Online. Though ArcGIS provides various advantages by allowing to fuse data, predict status, and create spatially aware services to innovate, engage customers, and monetize data, it is a very expensive software and is not worth for small applications. Request ESRI Pricing to get more information.


ArcGIS for Desktop is utilized to develop maps with up-to-date information, consolidated with profound investigation. It enables the transformation of information into noteworthy data and mechanizes a significant number of GIS errands. ArcGIS for Mobile extends the reach of enterprise GIS. It also helps in providing a reliable, accurate, and common operation forum for the staff. ArcGIS for Server allows sharing of GIS information across varied enterprises to enable better decision-making. ArcGIS is a suite of applications that allows the organization to improve operational productivity on a daily basis. These applications use mapping to gather, incorporate, and share information across varied organizations. They quickly integrate the information gathered into existing systems without additional coding to map and enrich data. All these are being widely used in different applications such as connected car, smart home, smart cities, and supply chain management.


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ESRI Presence in Geospatial Imagery Analytics Software
ESRI deals with the development of GIS and mapping software for organizations in commercial, government, natural resources, and utility industries. Esri uses partnerships and agreements to gain a competitive advantage in the geospatial imagery analytics market. In March, 2017, Esri and Harris Corporation entered into a five-year agreement. Under this agreement, both the companies help the federal agency programs gain access to commercial imagery from small satellites, open data sources, and unmanned aerial system platforms. Also, in 2016, Esri partnered with IBM users and developers to broaden the customer experience by making Esri data and technology available on the IBM cloud. This enabled IBM customers to accelerate the successful transition to cloud based geospatial and datamapping capabilities. The ESRI has strong presence across the globe and serve its customers through regional offices. The company entered into a joint venture with Zeno Collector in July 2015. With this venture, the ArcGIS mobile app is combined with Zeno 20 to overcome on field data collection challenges by using ArcGIS as its user interface. Moreover, the company faces major challenges of enhancing capabilities of the location based platform as most of the applications are dealing only with proximity analysis.
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