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CARE ORM approach is planned to meet all the requirements of financial institutions. Internal Audit approach allows a risk-based assessment framework to be successfully applied. Besides the advantages of integrating risk and internal audit enforcement practices that contribute to optimizing the efficacy of an enforcement process, the compliance system has several features to promote the identification and evaluation of regulatory threats, analyze their mitigation mechanisms and establish robust compliance reporting systems.

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CARE is a comprehensive Governance, Risk & Enforcement (GRC) platform widely used by many well-known organizations working in different categories of sectors, including insurers, insurance providers, brokerage houses, hospitals, industrial businesses, and government departments. CARE facilitates risk identification and evaluation and evaluation of management capabilities in managing these risks. It has specific applications for Business Risk Control, Risk-based Internal Assessment & Compliance Threat Monitoring.

CARE Pricing:

CARE offers a free trial for users. To know more about the CARE Pricing, users can contact the support team and get detailed information on specific plans and their prices. There are no specific CARE Pricing plans available on the website. 

CARE GRC Software Demo:

There is a free version of CARE GRC software edition which provides a free trial and can be used as a demo.

CARE GRC Software Features:

  • Flexible Organizational Hierarchy
  • Operate efficiently for organizations of different sizes and organizational structures.
  • The user can quickly add more tiers to the hierarchy, show the organizational tree and modify it.
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Promotes multicurrency and makes it suitable for organizations with multi-country operations.
  • Translate monetary details automatically, and submit to the default company currency.
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Create a wide variety of information relating to any level of the company that can be accessed, downloaded or e-mailed by the customer by clicking a button.
  • That makes it easy for consumers to evaluate the threats, controls of their organizations
  • Control and Risk Self Assessment (CRSA)
  • Promotes the application of self-evaluation of control and danger (CRSA) in any form of enterprise.
  • Allowing workers to receive up-to-date risk information in any area of the company.
  • Defining and assessing and safeguards are analyzed with the participation of the company divisions.


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CARE Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 15, 2020

“User Friendly”

Convenient and user friendly; easy to understand. This fulfills what is needed for an organization of medium size.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

May 15, 2020


CARE has not only helped in meeting the Central Bank requirements with regards to operational risk, but it has also led to major improvements in the control environment and is currently being used by internal audit function to implement a Risk-Based Audit methodology. Computer customization to suit demands and desires. Easy to understand, adapt and use, multiple helpful reports and data can be collected for specific workers.
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