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Ballast is a risk assessment software platform that focuses on reducing the tedious work making long spreadsheets and databases by automating the compliance reporting and remediation tracking. It helps in providing all possible risks and threats to the business according to a standard list of threats and shows it all at one click. It provides services like compliance, control frameworks, product updates, risk assessment and technical security to the business.

Ballast Features:

  • Intuitive Reporting Dashboard:
  • Provide real-time updates regarding the reports and the results of the analysis of risk assessment to reduce risks timely 
  • Organize and segment all the reports risks on a dashboard

  • Automatic Remediation Tracking:
  • Track and assign remediation activities to the team for reducing the risk in an organized way
  • Control all the processes related to remediation in order to reduce risks timely
  • One-click Compliance Reporting:
  • Control all the compliance work and organize it, to make it easy to follow
  • Automate the compliance processes so the team can skip tedious work and focus on reducing risk 
  • Technical Security:
  • Provides full security for the databases on the company and protect it from any unauthorized sources
  • Provides control access for the databases and reports to all the employees 

Ballast Pricing:

Ballast Pricing is based on the level of business and the feature requirements for the businesses. The Ballast Pricing is categorized into 3 categories, i.e.,

  1. Single Location
  2. Multi-Location
  3. Enterprise

The pricing scheme hasn’t been mentioned on the website but a form to fill and get price quotes on request for the same by the interested users. 

Ballast Demo:

Ballast Demo is available on the website of the company with other resources like FAQs, videos and articles. The demo can be accessed and schedules upon request by the interested users at their comfortable time and date.


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Ballast Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Simple-to-use IRM with automation features”

Ballast is a simple risk management software that uses features like automating compliance and remediation activities which skip the tedious work.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“IRM make use of technology in a smart wa”

Ballast is a smart risk managing software that uses tools like reporting and auditing to reduce risk in a smart and timely way.
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