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OneTrust is a governance, risk management, and compliance platform that provides software that streamlines the process of assessing risks and establishing enterprise policies in such a way so as to reduce costs and increase opportunities for business development. The software assesses risks associated with privacy, consent & preference, ethics & compliance, and regulatory research. 

OneTrust Pricing Plans:

One can sign up to get a free trial from the official website. Apart from this, OneTrust pricing is separate for small & mid-sized companies and large enterprises and varies depending upon the services the user decides to purchase. The small to mid sized company plans start at around $50 per feature and go upto $150 per feature. The large company plans start at around $200 per feature and go upto $500 per feature. Here are the OneTrust Pricing plans in detail:

Consumer and Data Requests: $500 per month

Data Discovery Plan: $1500 per month

Asset Automation: $500 per month

Further details on each plan are available on the OneTrust site.

OneTrust GRC Software Demo :

There is a demo video available on the official site that can be used to acquaint oneself with the functioning of the platform. Furthermore, to explore insights of the features, an interested individual can request a call by filling basic contact details on OneTrust’s official website.

OneTrust GRC Software Features:

  • Technology Platform
    • Use the latest technological plugins like data mapping automation, data guidance research, incident & breach response, and program benchmarking. 
    • Browse through 100 languages. 
  • Regulatory Intelligence
    • Grow business which is powered by massive databases. 
    • Cover over 300 jurisdictions to secure the company’s ventures. 
  • Global Support Network
    • Procure universal data within minutes. 
    • Support the company’s deployment success.
  • Large User Community
    • Back the company with the best practices from the global community of practitioners. 
  • Third-party risk management
    • Includes IT security risk management, enterprise & operational risk, audit & controls management, policy management, and business continuity. 
    • Includes vendor assessments, reports on key contract terms, and vendor alerts on incidents and breaches.


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OneTrust Reviews


Buyer, Asia Pacific Company

May 13, 2023
4. I have been using ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings for a few weeks now and so far Im quite impressed. The product vision of ONETRUSTs eGRC is fantastic and it is helping us to reduce our cyber-risks. This product offers state-of-the-art features and strong interoperability and integration with other platforms. Furthermore, this product is relatively cost-effective and allows us to get more value for our money. I was amazed by the ease of use of this product, and I was able to quickly customize the product to our requirements. The customer service team is outstanding, as they are always there to assist us. Another great thing about this product is its futuristic use cases. With its use of futuristic technologies, it is anticipated that this product will be extremely beneficial to us in the future. My overall rating for ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings is 9/1
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Buyer, Asia Pacific SME Company

Mar 06, 2023
3. Ive been using ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings for a while now and all I can say is that its a great product! From product vision through to interoperability and integration, Ive been more than satisfied. The product vision is outstanding and it allowed us to handle all the data privacy, security and infrastructure compliance requirements. The product features are amazing, with automated incident detection and integrated reporting which helps us to better safeguard against any threats. Furthermore, the product is very easy to use and we didnt find any difficulty in customizing it for our brand requirements. I am more than happy with the support from their customer service team, and it has made sure that we can get the most out of the ONETRUST product. All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone and would give it a rating of 8.5/1
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Buyer, Asia Pacific Mid Market Company

Feb 26, 2023
, Performance 1. I have been using ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings for a few months and Im really pleased with the results. The features of their product vision are top-notch compared to other eGRC solutions, as they provide me with real-time risk assessments. The product features such as automated incident detection, guided solution deployment and integrated reporting are incredibly helpful and time-saving. Whats more, their product is extremely easy to use, meaning I do not need to continuously have to learn how to use it. I also appreciate the robustness of their cost of ownership- its very clear and does not break our companys budget. Overall, I would rate their eGRC product 9/10 because of its level of innovation, comprehensive customer service, use of next-generation technologies, and value for money. 2. After trying several eGRC products, I can confidently say that ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings has been the most innovative Ive come across. Their product vision is cutting edge and allows me to build a single instance model for our enterprise to accommodate multiple business units, which reduces time required for implementation. Moreover, the companys stability and maturity have allowed us to experience great success with the product. Not only that, the products interoperability and integration offers great convenience as well. The implementation process was surprisingly simple, thanks to the user-friendly features that enabled me to customize the product according to our specific requirements. Im thrilled with the experience so far and Id give ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings a 9.5/1
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Buyer, Europe Company

Feb 12, 2023
5. I have recently invested in ONETRUSTs eGRC offerings and Im quite happy with the results so far. This product definitely stands out from the others, due to its exceedingly innovative product vision. The automated incident detection, ease of use and simple integration has allowed me to interact more with our data and better monitor for any threats. Furthermore, the cost of ownership of this product is very competitive and enables us to seen a cost savings in the long run. I am also very impressed with the performance of this product, and its use of next-generation technology has enabled us to discover a range of threats quickly and accurately. Their customer service team is very attentive and Im always relieved to know that any technical issues can be fixed quickly. I highly recommend this product and I would rate it 8.5/10.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Lives up to expectations”

The product has helped the business grow and remain risk-free, all thanks to its collection of the latest software.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Integrated Risk Management at affordable prices”

Provided a comprehensive system of risk management without burning a hole in the pocket.
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