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Parapet IRM is a risk assessment platform which helps in identifying possible risks for your business, by using tools like Risk Management, Validation Plans, Audit Control, Assurance, and Remediation Plans, and reduce these risks for the future safety of the business. It creates control from inventory data provided by the business to reduce the risks. It assesses and organizes the assets of the business in order to identify any underlying risks.

Parapet IRM Features:

  • Risk Management:
  • Organize assets and data into risk libraries to know the possible risks for the business 
  • Prepare reports for every level of business on risks to understand the vulnerable points 
  • Validation Plans:
  • Import, create and ensure proper controls of the business to reduce possible risks
  • Create validation plans with risk assessment and identification analysis to help business plan procedure to reduce risk
  • Audit Control:
  • Audit  controls the business through a user-friendly interface to achieve compliance
  • Provides full control to internal and external auditors to the auditing report in the validation plan
  • Remediation Plans:
  • Create remediation plans based on the result of the risk analysis done by the software
  • Update the managers about the progress of remediation tasks done to reduce the risks 

Parapet IRM Pricing:

Parapet IRM Pricing is set on the basis of items evaluated and the creation of evaluation items. The Parapet IRM Pricing is as follows:

  1. Small: $5/item evaluated/month
  2. Medium: $5/creation of evaluation item/month

               $0.5/item evaluated/month

  1. Large: $3/creation of evaluation item/month

           $0.3/item evaluated/month

  1. Enterprise: its pricing hasn’t been mentioned but to request for details for this on the website 

Parapet IRM Demo:

The Parapet IRM Demo is available for the interested users on the company’s website. The Parapet IRM Demo can be assessed through the company’s website upon request and filling of required form about contact information of the interested users.


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Parapet GRC Software Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 02, 2020

“Simple IRM focused to reduce risk”

Parapet IRM has a simple, user-friendly interface used to reduce risks by assessing all the possible underlying risks in the assets of the business.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Smart IRM which uses reports effectively”

Parapet IRM is a smart, easy-to-use platform that reduces the possible risks by creating reports and planning the plan of action for the business.
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