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PING Hard Drive Cloning Software is among the most efficient Linux toolboxes on the market today. You can make effective use of this solution to rescue a system. PING has been designed to secure the data on a system by backup and restore features. It also helps you utilize it later securely. Request PING Pricing to get more information.


Taking backup of a hard-drive and restoring it or cloning it is a significant task to retain data on a hard-drive. PING Hard Drive Cloning Software is an open-source distribution serving this purpose effectively. This solution is based on Linux From Scratch (LFS). At a reasonable PING Pricing, you can burn it on a CD and boot. 

PING Features

Some features of this solution that bring ease to your backup and restore attempts:

  • Easily backup and restore hard-drives:
    • You can backup and restore hard-drives on MS Network Shared Directory.
    • The data on the hard-drive would be retained along with the partitions. So, you can easily use it in the future.
  • Easily clone BIOS Data:
    • The software allows you to backup and restore Basic Input/Output System Data.
    • It allows your Microprocessor on the PC to start and manage the data flow related to the operating system and various other attached devices.
  • You can get a blank Local Admin’s Password:
    • Your local administrator accounts would be secured.
    • Usually, LAPS rotates these passwords through Active Directory Components. 
  • The software supports wide-ranging filesystems:
    • Due to this phenomenal feature, your data in various forms would be retained.
    • The backup and restore would be much safer at a reasonable PING Pricing.

PING Pricing

You can get the latest PING Release along with an antivirus, and ‘how to read’ at a pricing of about $ 5.45 (€ 5); as PING Community Edition. PING Business Edition is available at $ 32.7 (€ 30) as a per year license fee. You can also get additional tools and notes along with these editions. 


Instead of a PING Demo, you can download ‘How to document’ that explains the process of downloading and installing PING at You can get it in MS Word or PDF format as per your preferences.


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PING Reviews


James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Rescuing systems made easy”

PING has been a trusted toolbox for rescuing systems by cloning hard-drives for a long time now. We could easily determine the response time. Again, we could also easily test connectivity with computers.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 11, 2020

“Convenience in monitoring various networking devices”

Through PING, it was easy to monitor the availability of websites, servers, different routers, and other devices. It is worth bearing the PING Pricing.
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