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Iperius Backup
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Iperius Backup USP

Iperius Backup is an excellent software that can automate any type of file. The software is quite popular among its users because of the multiple unique features it has to offer. It can copy files to zip containers, perform one-way sync on plain file copies, copy partitions to VHD containers. Request Iperius Backup Pricing to get more information.


Iperius Backup is the software used for backup in Windows PCs, Servers, Virtual machines, and databases. It is a highly robust and feature-rich software. The software is used to make automatic backups of folders and files in various devices such as USB hard drives, cloud storage, Google Drive, and servers. This easy to use software also allows scheduling incremental backups.

Iperius Backup Features

This backup software offers excellent features also to the affordable Iperius Backup Pricing editions. Below are some of the unique features of Iperius Backup:

  • Compatibility and backup

      • It provides support for disk storage and any tape drive
      • It is capable of backing up data from SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Zip Compression

      • It can create password-protected and compatible zip files
      • It supports long path and Unicode and can create a zip archive of unlimited size
  • Storage capacity and versioning

      • It can keep track of the changing versions of the files with the same content
      • It can save a large amount of data and can even scale-up the capacity
  • Email notifications

    • It sends an email of backup completion as a notification with a detailed report of the backup procedure
    • The mails can be sent to different recipients and with more sending conditions is required

Iperius Backup Pricing

Iperius Backup Pricing includes various pricing editions that vary according to the type of usage. The license of the Iperius Backup desktop is available at $31.54. Iperius Backup Advanced license is worth $162.04. The license, once obtained, is available for a lifetime.

Iperius Backup Demo

Iperius Backup has the free demo version that can be installed on servers and used in any environment. The demo version is for unlimited use and offers all the features with no restrictions. The trial version is available for 30 days free period.


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Iperius Backup
61 Buyers Negotiating
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Iperius Backup Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 11, 2020

“Simple, easy, and reliable software”

The software is easy to use and reliable, which contains all the configuration options that a company requires.
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James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Excellent backup software with incremental mail alert”

The software has an excellent feature set, such as imaging and VM backup. It supports various destinations for each job and online destinations. This software also allows the Back-up of Google drive.
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