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LeadDesk USP

The main USP of LeadDesk Help Desk Software is the quality of lead generation. This aims to provide the highest quality of leads and having the most advanced features for customer support. It is highly recommended software by its users and it offers a wide range of products with different pricing plans. Request LeadDesk Pricing to get more information.


LeadDesk Help Desk Software is one of the best cloud-based software for the contact centre. The software basically works with the users for creating high volume sales. LeadDesk services are available for everyone whether they belong to a small enterprise or large enterprise. Most importantly LeadDesk is known for its customer services as they manage to reach them without any boundaries.

LeadDesk Pricing

LeadDesk pricing depends upon the requirements of the customer. It is termed according to the features which are preferred by the user. LeadDesk pricing starts from $95 per month for every single user. The free version is available with limited access to the features. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor. The pricing is in line with leading competitors in the market

LeadDesk Demo

LeadDesk Help Desk Software Demos are available for the users. All the users across the world can use the demo. The demo contains some of the basic features for the users. Moreover, the demo has some limitations, which can be removed only by exploring the LeadDesk pricing.

LeadDesk Features

Following are some of the most exceptional features of LeadDesk which makes it an ideal software :

Most Devoted Call Center: Helps in the management of calls in terms of call recording, call scripting, call logging, real-time chat, outbound call centres, and many more. Helps in managing support centers by queue management, Escalation Management, and Campaign Management.

Auto-Dialer Properties: This property helps in Customer Relationship Management, call disposition, and call scheduling. The auto- dialer helps easily to manage dialers such as predictive dialers, progressive dialers, preview dialers, and power dialers.

Building up Inside Sales: Helps in maintaining front-end support by call recordings, auto-dialing, and call list management. Helps in maintaining back-end support with data management, lead capture, performance management, and lead distribution.

Best Telephony Solutions: These solutions are used by some of the most upgraded tools such as IVR or Voice Recognition and VoIP. It also helps in managing Telemarketing, management of contacts, and also the management of call centers.


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LeadDesk Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Customer Service”

The best customer service which helps in making most of the issues resolved in a very short time
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 29, 2020


Easy to use and the features which are offered are the best in the industry
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