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Availity is a business solution platform used in the hospital management industry. Availity helps solve various coordination and communication challenges among healthcare stakeholders such as patients, vendors, and healthcare providers in order to optimize the process of imparting and managing healthcare. It allows all stakeholders to monitor essential claims, revenues and plans data.

Availity Pricing:                    

Availity Pricing information is not available publicly and depends on the utilization of the resources. The vendor of the software needs to be contacted to obtain Availity pricing information. You can also ask the vendor for specific quotes to match your specific business requirements.

Availity Hospital Management Software Demo:

Availity software does not provide a demo version for users. Only a paid version is available. Trials can be organized by contacting the vendor of the software and discussing the user’s specific requirements, post which, you are told the Availity Pricing accordingly.

Availity Hospital Management Software Features:

Availity offers a number of features to all stakeholders in healthcare.

  • Claims Management Compatibility
    • Compatible with a wide number of insurance providers across the field
    • Process of claims management is made swift by an automatic population of claims submission fields
  • Accuracy
    • Claims denied are automatically resubmitted once required information has been updated
    • Security and confidentiality of patient data is maintained throughout the process
  • Regular Verification
    • A real-time provider database is used to regularly update data records
    • Monitoring and verification of sources is regular and automated
  • Efficient Data Management
    • Reports on current user data help improve the efficiency of future processes
    • Data is sourced from a number of different sources


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Availity Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 11, 2020

“Easy and Haggle-Free To Use and Review”

I’ve been using Availity for over two years now. Accessing patient data and reviewing patient benefits has never been easier for me. Monitoring patients can be done in real-time.
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 11, 2020

“Automation Capability is Extremely Useful”

Among the primary benefits, Availity has is its capability to add patients to the system automatically. So, patient details do not have to be entered time and again.
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James Smith

May 11, 2020

“Easy to Interpret”

Availity has been the easiest software to use in my experience. Insurance claims and benefits could not have been easier to view and interpret. Among the most useful software, I’ve encountered during my experience in the field.
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