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Andjaro USP

Andjaro Human Resource Software eliminates the requirement of hiring expensive fixed-term contracts for staff through agencies and it conducts the reallocation of available voluntary staff from nearby locations. This solution not only cuts the additional cost but also provides a chance for the organization to experience different parts of the same Enterprise. Request Andjaro Pricing to get more information.


Andjaro Human Resource Software allows small or large-sized organizations to manage, reallocate, and load balancing their internal workforce. This solution offers a management platform for the workforce reinforcement and on-off relocation of various personnel between the blocks of the same organization. It enables the reallocation process to make voluntary staff useful.

Andjaro Pricing

Detailed Andjaro pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the Human Resource Software market. Most software companies and vendors require users to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on exact business needs. For more details on the best Andjaro pricing plans and offers contact with the vendor directly.

Andjaro Demo

Andjaro Human Resource Software enables full mobile or web version solutions to the managers through which they can easily take care of the staff requirements and profession. The software helps in the generation of legal files and documents along with sending them in the hierarchy. It comes with a trial version for which users can contact the vendor directly.



Unique marketplace dedicated to the organization- Quickly announce the starting requirements directly on the platform. It also connects the referred individuals for work agencies on the platform.

The utility of mobile and web solutions- It has a simple stuff provision and announces the requirements within two clicks. It conducted the digitalization of documents along with automatically invoicing them between the managers.

Metro version organization of the workforce in real-time- Real-time tracking of the staff movements and statistic reallocation of the rates. Prioritizing the assignments that can test the business criteria.

Accurately anticipating the employee issues- The software matches the available employees in real-time along with analyzing the staff and requirements. It also calculates the travel time and overheads of the employees.


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Andjaro Reviews


James Smith

May 08, 2020

“The software is convenient to use”

One of the significant advantages of the software is that it is easy to configure uninstall within the organizations. With the help of smart technology, it can also indicate the availability and validation of job offer directly on the application. The Andjaro pricing system helps the user select from multiple options available as per their need.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 08, 2020

“A clear indication of the employee status”

The software provides in-depth insights into the employee workforce and with its dedicated application, it enables organizations to indicate the availability of shifts. It is easy to volunteer the part-time employees for their additional working hours and remind them in case of shift change.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the top features of Andjaro?

• Directly lets clients post requirements on the platform, and lets employees fill out their availability. • Matches the available employees with the requirement at hand and suggests the best resources post calculation of travel time, days and hours involved, and few other factors. • Generates weekly reports and handles the onboarding of the new employees. • A dedicated Andarjo employee manages the coordination of Andarjo within the client organization. • Provides a macro view to manage the priority of the tasks and offers visibility of real time staff shifting. • A dedicated app to ensure smooth organization of the workforce on the go. App is available both for the client and the contractors.

What is the mode of the deployment of Andjaro?

Andjaro has cloud based deployment.

What are the different pricing plans for Andjaro?

The company has not listed the price of the software on the website. Customers need to reach out to the vendor to get the exact pricing information.

Does Andjaro provide a demo?

Yes, the company provides a demo. To avail the demo, one needs to fill in the form available on the website.

What device type does Andjaro support?

The software is accessible both on laptop and mobile devices. It has a mobile app that makes it on the go HR software.

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