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Avanti USP

Avanti human resource software provides multiple worthwhile features that promise to increase productivity and efficiency. Some of the major USPs of Avanti include the multi-management of HR, payroll, and workforce. Avanti allows users to base their decisions on accurate and effective reports on employee performance, considering their work hours and absences. It provides overall business insights and automated HR workflows to make it more engaging and productive. The software also includes self-service features for employees and automatically updates newly hired employees’ data in advance. Request Avanti Pricing to get more information.


Avanti Human Resource Software or HR software that helps organisations, companies, and businesses in effectively organising and managing all of their employee data while keeping it updated according to real-time changes. Avanti also provides payroll and workforce management, and focuses on bettering employee experience. It provides its users with accurate reports and insights to improve efficient decision making based on data. Moreover, it also includes performance reviews and digital onboarding, which decreases time consumption of tasks without the need for paperwork.

Avanti Pricing 

The exact Avanti Pricing is not available. However, the interested buyers can provide their business or company details and request an estimate of the Avanti Pricing through the website, which is quote-based. The support team gets back with all available options and price.

Avanti Human Resource Software Demo

Avanti does provide a demo version. The demo version is free for all users. Interested users can provide the necessary company or business details through the website and request for a demo of the software.

Avanti Human Resource Software Features:

Avanti human resource software provides various features for users to optimise their workflow, and some of these are mentioned below. 

  • Data Management 
    • Tracks employee work hours, attendance, and other details
    • Processes payrolls with real-time updates 
    • Provides data on time-off requests, head count, and absenteeism
  • Employee Access 
    • Records all employee data and forms employee profiles
    • Allows employees to access their data to update and organise 
  • Reviews and Reports
    • Constructs performance reviews including all work details for employees
    • Provides several kinds of reports including quick lookups and detailed reports
  • Workflow and Boarding
    • Automates functions to increase efficiency and engagement 
    • Incorporates new employees easily into the database in advance with no need for additional paperwork 
    • Allows managers to schedule, adjust, and review tasks accurately and efficiently 


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Avanti Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 08, 2020

“Enhanced Functioning”

With Avanti software, users can get extensive reports to analyse and improve the overall performance of the business.
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“Better Employee Experience”

Avanti simplifies work for each employee. There is more employee satisfaction with the easy management of all tasks, and all of this at an affordable Avanti Pricing too.
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