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Bitrix24 Human Resource Software
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Bitrix24 Human Resource Software USP

Bitrix24 is accessible on mobiles and provides 24/7 online and business hours support. It provides tools for employee collaboration for increased productivity and self-service for decreased HR workload. Perfectly suited for small businesses and start-up companies, the Bitrix24 pricing for advanced features also falls under the affordable range. 

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With 35 HR tools for free Bitrix24 provides a complete package of HR management software. Ranking amongst the top free software for HR management, it includes an intranet, the social network of the company, online directory of employees, etc. Also, unlimited tasks and team creation is possible on software absolutely free of cost. 

Bitrix24 Pricing

The majority of the features are available for free to all businesses. For organizations interested in buying self-hosted versions of Bitrix24 pricing is customizable. For the cloud versions, Standard Plan is available at $51.48/ month and Professional Plan costs $103.48/ month. Also, other special plans are available at low Bitrix24 pricing.  

Bitrix24 Demo

The Software offers a free trial version along with Bitrix24 pricing. However, the majority of the product features are available to all users for free. This can help users to understand the software in-depth and they can decide whether to buy the premium version for advanced features or not.


Human Resources Intranet- Central searchable directory of employees- containing customizable profiles and contact information of all employees along with skills and interests for easy search. Organizational structure- separate intranets for each department with workgroups and projects.

Time and performance assessment and management- It let the HR department set time limits and track IPs. Personal, team, or company level work and efficiency reports can be made using the tools within affordable pricing. 

Collaboration tool for employees- Provisions for private and shared documents are available by the creation of three types of drives on software which maintain every employee’s privacy. The direct collaboration of documents, commenting, and attaching new versions of documents are possible with a document library on the portal.

Self-service facility to employees- Reduces the load on the HR department by giving employees full control over their own profiles. All HR processes are fully automated which makes forms and documents available at a single location.


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Bitrix24 Human Resource Software
71 Buyers Negotiating
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Bitrix24 Human Resource Software Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 08, 2020

“Time management”

The time and performance management tools have enabled the HR team to view the productivity of every employee wholly.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“Quick and efficient communication”

With the company and departmental intranet available along with the social intranet, communication to and from the HR team has been more efficient and quick.
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