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Brightspark USP

Brightspark Human Resource Software primary USP lies in its broad applicability and easy-to-use. It helps the HR executive and management in giving efficient methods of ensuring that employees feel engaged with the organization. It develops a team spirit amongst the employees and hence helps in developing a healthy environment in the office. Request Brightspark Pricing to get more information.


Brightspark Human Resource Software is a new development company that manages all the human resources work over one platform. It is a collaborative HR tool that came through extensive experience with business processes. It can be accessed from any browser. Financially backed by Exigy, the Brightspark Human Resource Software boasts over 17 years of software implementations, hence bridging the gap between the technology and business.

Brightspark Pricing

Brightspark pricing offers three corporate plans: Starter, Standard, and Premium. The Starter plan costs $2.25 per user per month, while the Standard plan costs $4.50 per user per month. The best Brightspark pricing model is the Standard, which offers many outstanding features. The Premium model has not arrived yet.


Brightspark Demo

The vendor offers a trial version that is free for a period of 30 days. After 30 days, the user has to choose a pricing model to continue using the features.



Ease of online activation- It facilitates the onboarding process for new employees by utilizing pre-made onboarding templates for creating new profiles. The ease of use makes it easier to learn even for new applicants.

Notices wizard- It puts new notices about the official curriculum in one place. It views, modifies, and assigns the organization’s legal notices in a single, centralized location to ensure that the business is on track for both optional and mandatory notices.

Manages payroll of employees- It keeps track of the employee’s salary, allowances, gross pay, net pay, rewards, etc. It makes the payment to the employees easier.

Attendance and leave tracking- The attendance can be marked easily through the software. It keeps track of the absence and leaves taken by the employee.


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Brightspark Reviews


Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

May 08, 2020

“Cost-effective and easily adaptable”

It is easy to use and can easily be learned by the employee of the company. Various features like payroll management, putting all the notices at one place, managing attendance, and time policies makes the work of HR easier.
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“A collaborative tool for business”

The tool is very collaborative in nature and involves every employee In managing their task, hence developing a team spirit in the business.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the top features of Brightspark?

• Utilizes the pre-defined templates to smoothen the process of the onboarding of the new joiners. • All the notices of the organization can be viewed and modified in a single place, making sure business aligns with the legal compliance • All employee data is securely stored and managed in a centralized place. • Visibility of the individual as well as the team calendar so that the team stays updated. • Identification of the skillset required for each job type, and ensuring employees with proper skill set are assigned the task. • Training plans for the growth of individuals and team. • Badges awarded to those who master a skill. • Integration with enterprise wide communication channels to ease up the conversation • Weekly reminders sent to improve the productivity • Setting up pf the targets and real time tracking of the individual and team progress • Each individual can be assigned varied benefits to motivate them. • Personalized questionnaire for the review of employees.

What is the mode of the deployment of Brightspark?

The mode of the deployment of the software is cloud-based

What are the different pricing plans for Brightspark?

The vendor has three separate pricing plans. The starter plan starts at $2.25 per user per month. The standard plan costs $4.50 per user per month.

Does Brightspark provide a demo?

A free trial can be activated by filling a form on the official website.

What device type does Brightspark support?

The software can be run on any mobile device.

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