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Bundy HR Software
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Bundy HR Software USP

Bundy Human Resource Software is essentially meant for small businesses that find it hard to manage paperwork. It has been proven to save about 1-2 hours for each employee in a week. All of the data captured is protected through several protocols and security processes. It is very easy to set up and takes no more than 10-15 minutes to get it running. Request Bundy HR Software Pricing to get more information.


Bundy Human Resource Software is a widely used enterprise human resource software that eliminates the painful and repetitive task of maintaining documents and spreadsheets. It connects to your WiFi and automatically saves work schedules, payrolls, and all the other relevant records. Bundy Human Resource Software helps you save your time and money by simplifying employee management. Moreover, it supports enterprises to easily onboard, train, retain, and manage their workforce.

Bundy Pricing

Bundy pricing is in line with leading competitors in the Human Resource Software market. The Bundy pricing plans start from $15.00 per month per user. However, to show support to businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic crises, Bundy pricing has now been reduced to $3.50 per month per user for an indefinite period of time.

Bundy Demo

A free version of the software is also present. However, it comes with certain limitations. To overcome them, you need to purchase the paid version. It also offers a free trial for all users for a limited period.



Time Management- It helps businesses track and keep a record of employee hours. The interface is very user-friendly.

Scheduling Of Work- It helps assign work schedules and tasks to employees seamlessly. With the help of the employee sync feature, the employees get direct alerts of their work timings.

Detailed Insights- It provides detailed insights about each employee, such as late arrivals and holidays. Based on previously stored data, it actively suggests measures to further enhance your employee management.

Easily Accessible- It can be easily accessed anywhere through mobile phones or the web anytime. It lets employees know their work timings and dates through the calendar on their app.


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Bundy HR Software
68 Buyers Negotiating
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Bundy HR Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 08, 2020

“It has made business management seamless and reliable”

It has made business management much easier and seamless than ever. This software will never let you down and is very reliable. Time is the most precious thing in the world and this software helps save a lot of it.
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James Smith

May 08, 2020

“Bundy pricing plan combined with its features makes it a convenient and life-saving software”

This software is a lifesaver. It keeps track of each and every paperwork so that you don''t have to do it or engage in everything manually.
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