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Freshteam USP

ATS is an essential feature that is provided by this software. The Freshteam pricing structure has no hidden costs. Other benefits include Custom Interview Scorecards and Kits, Custom Hiring Pipelines, Vendor Management,  Multiple Office Locations in HRIS, Unlimited Webhook Requests, Sponsored Job Postings on Indeed, unlimited holiday calendars, custom URL & SSL Certificate. Automated algorithms assists the HR in taking calculated decisions.

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Freshteam Human Resource Software developed by Freshworks products. Freshteam has been implemented in many major companies, like Cisco, Honda, 3M, The Atlantic, and Quizup, to name a few. Freshteam human resource software makes the perfect HR team software for business organizations. All the activities regarding the employees- hiring recruits, attracting recruits, firing current employees, and managing employee information effectively- is done by the software

Freshteam Pricing:

Freshteam pricing consists of 4 plans: Sprout, blossom, garden, estate. The sprout is free, while the other 3 plans are to be paid monthly on an annual basis for the number of users specified. The blossom plan costs 50 $ per month for 50 users and is suitable for the hiring process of small teams. 

Freshteam Human Resource Software Demo:

There is a 21-day trial period for the estate plan as soon as you sign up. This covers unlimited job postings, a dedicated account manager, unlimited onboarding and offboarding checklist, restriction to access based on IP address. You can check Freshteam pricing models to know more.

Freshteam Human Resource Software Features:

The software automates all the tracking processes and displays all the required information in one place. Here are a few  features of Freshteam:

  • Integration with other recruitment tools
    • Applicant screening with assessment tests.
    • Video interviews for enabling job boards.
  • Advanced tech features
    • Data security with insightful reports
    • User-specific access controls and provides multiple locations.
    • Referral hiring with the maintenance of an employee directory.
  • Effective candidate engagement
    • Integrated email conversations and assigning candidate-specific tasks.
    • Notify candidates, give feedback, source the candidates with multiple actions at one click.
  • Optimized Resume Screening
    • Screens resume according to the preference
    • Candidate history is stored with each resume to further filter it out
    • Keyword tagging and maintaining an archive of the talent pool


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Freshteam Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 08, 2020

“Finding the best candidate made easy”

Through the ATS and resume screening, the best candidates are selected and promoted to further procedure in the hiring.
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Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 08, 2020

“A lot of time saved”

Managing and maintaining a record of employees is a tedious and time-consuming job, with a fresh team, it is just one click.
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